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March 3, 2021

February 2021 Monthly Recap

It's been a snowy February! And, unsurprisingly, that means that most of my days have been spent inside museums and entertaining ourselves in the apartment. 
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On February 1st we had a huge storm and I had fun walking around and seeing the city buried. 

I bundled up and loved the way I looked in this sweater I got for Christmas.

Tons of reading happened this month! I blew through four and a half books, and am still making steady progress on my big book for the year. 

This month I also finished my first academic course since leaving college. I took Harvard Business School's Data Science Ready course and loved getting back into the learning groove. It was a great project to do on weekends and helped me understand concepts that relate to my work at Looker. 

I spent a good amount of time in New Jersey this month because I got my wisdom teeth out and used a surgeon near my hometown. It was a simple process and the recovery has been super easy! I got to enjoy the snow in the suburbs and there's nothing like seeing it coat all of the trees. 

Joe had a great idea to do a virtual escape room with our friends, and I tapped Austen and Sheetal to bring their guys and help us get out! It was through Airbnb and we loved our host. 

At the Met, as usual. 

Mama and I went to the Morris Museum in New Jersey and it was a great mix of historical exhibits and art work. I found sunff boxes, so it was a success!

What were you up to in February?

-Alyssa J

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