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March 17, 2021

Dreaming of Travel

Joe and I were supposed to go on our honeymoon to Italy and Portugal last year. Flights were booked, activities were planned, and then everything was turned upside down. Since then we did have our wedding (yay!) and a mini-honeymoon to Mohonk Mountain House, but we haven't taken a bigger trip together and have never actually traveled with one another for more than a few nights. 
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Now that we've decided not to do our larger wedding celebration, we have more budget to play with for our honeymoon! We're thinking about spending more time just in Italy and visiting additional spots. When I went to Italy, I visited Rome, Venice, and Trieste - and there's so much more to see! Florence, Lake Como, the Riviera, the list goes on and on. 

I've make my Travel Pinterest board public and have been saving guides and inspiration photos from all over the world. Today I wanted to compile some of my favorite images as we all dream about adventures ahead. 

Where do you dream of going when you can travel again? 

-Alyssa J

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