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January 13, 2021

Artifact Uprising Wedding Layflat Photo Album Review

I've shared wedding photos sporadically on the blog and digitally with friends and family, but I knew I wanted to create a tangible reminder of the day. After a good deal of research I decided to create our wedding album with Artifact Uprising and today I wanted to share what albums I considered, what the process was like of creating the album, and the end result. 
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The two albums I considered

I pretty much knew I would either get our wedding album from Artifact Uprising or Shutterfly. I've been a long time Shutterfly customer and have been happy with the quality of items I've gotten from them before, but when I investigated their wedding albums I wasn't sold. They have two different layflat options and a standard hardcover book. I found the prices to be on the higher end and I wasn't into the aesthetic of the page designs. 

At Artifact Uprising there are a few wedding albums to choose from. I narrowed it down to the Signature Layflat Photo Album and the Wedding Layflat Photo Album, which is what I ultimately went with. The price and quality were most in line with what I wanted, and I quickly got to work narrowing down my favorite photos to include. 

How I created our wedding album

Something that drew me to Artifact Uprising was the simplicity of the spreads. I wanted the photos to stand out and was very conscious about not overwhelming the book. I narrowed down the photos I wanted to include and made sure all of the large and small moments were represented in the 10 spreads I had available. You can add more pages, but I wanted to focus on choosing the most special and impactful photos. 

Each spread had a theme. For us it was: 
  1. some details shots to set the scene
  2. photos with my immediate family
  3. a bride spread (yes, I got my own because I'm the bride!)
  4. bridal party and Joe's family
  5. a portrait of Joe and one of me
  6. the ceremony
  7. the first kiss
  8. the first dance, best man's speech, and cake cutting
  9. family photos
  10. friend photos and a final kissing shot

I chose to have some photos the spread across two pages and some that stretched across one entire page. I also switched up the layouts and made sure it wasn't repetitive. 

The end result

I'm in love. The quality is excellent with the Lustre pages, the colors are vibrant, and it's something we will cherish for years to come! I found that the 10x10 size was perfect, and we really didn't need more than 10 spreads to tell the story. It came in a sturdy white box for storage and the photos that were spread across two pages weren't impacted by the seam. The pages are thick and the fabric cover is lovely. I'd definitely recommend using Artifact Uprising and be sure to search for a coupon code. I was able to use one from a YouTuber I follow for 15% off. 

Let me know if you have any questions! I had such a hard time finding unsponsored reviews, so I would be happy to be a resource if needed. 

-Alyssa J

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