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January 6, 2021

2020: Year in Review

This year in review looks different from my previous ones (check out 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019), mainly because I went a lot fewer places. However, there were some amazing, standout moments and I'm excited to keep this tradition alive for the 7th year. 
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The year started off with fun in the city and really settling into my role at Looker. We had our annual sales kick off in San Diego and I was inspired to grow my sales skills heading into the start of the year.

My birthday celebrations were a ton of fun - Joe took me for dinner at the Met and my girlfriends got together for brunch.

We visited with Maddi and Dylan in the city and had a blast eating delicious food and playing games. Looking back and knowing that lockdown was right around the corner, it's even more special to remember that carefree time. 

In March I became a Googler! This year ended up holding great things for me professionally, despite the fact that I could no longer visit customers in person. In fact, I exceeded my personal goal and am really proud of what I achieved.

I learned how to cook more in 2020 and have been making spaghetti and meat sauce nonstop. 

Joe and I enjoyed so many picnics over the summer. 2020 was also a HUGE year for reading. I read the most books and pages since I started tracking in 2014 - 43 books and 16,018 pages.

Socially distanced hangouts were great over the summer! From walks, to getting ice cream, to playing tennis, it felt so good to see friends in person.

Having a bridal shower was such fun and I was grateful to get to celebrate with the women in my life. While everyone couldn't be there and we had to exercise caution, I am so glad it was able to happen. 

A big accomplishment this year was seeing every single section of the Met and documenting it on Instagram! The museum was closed for months, but I was able to visit each section and finished on the very last day of the year!

We got married!!! I finally ordered our wedding album and can't wait to share details on the process of putting that together.

The honeymoon was fun and relaxing and we felt so lucky to be able to go on a short getaway. 

Our first married Christmas followed soon after and was a sweet way to close out what ended up being a very eventful year. 

Looking back on this year, what are you the most grateful for? What stood out? Happy new year!

-Alyssa J

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