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December 2, 2020

November 2020 Monthly Recap

I took off posting last week for Thanksgiving and had such a pleasant break and time with family. Plus, it's the first time Joe and I spent Thanksgiving together! Details on that and more are in this month's recap. 
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Joe and I visited the Met one evening and I elected not to post it on Instagram like I usually do. It was so nice to just walk around after work and look at our favorite collections.

I took many walks this month. I'm mentally preparing for when it gets too cold, but we've been having such balmy weather that is doesn't feel like I'll be prevented from walking anytime soon. Sheetal and I also have been trying to play tennis (I say "trying" because the courts are usually crowded) before it closes for the season. 

One weekend I got to see both Austen and Nina in person and it was the best day ever. I love to socialize and getting to just walk around and admire the city in all its autumn glory was blissful. We didn't take any photos together (keeping our distance and all), but we did take photos of one another. Austen took the second one and Nina took the first!

Joe and I went down the shore to visit his family. It was great to see everyone and spend time together enjoying the outdoors. Between Mohonk last month and the beach this month I'm realizing that I like being outside when I can wear long sleeves and pants to protect myself from bug bites. 

We went to the Freitas house for Thanksgiving and Lady and I went all out with the tablescape. We got fresh holly from the yard, candles from all around the house, and pulled out the china. We helped my parents decorate for Christmas and set up our apartment as well. 

I closed out the month with another Met trip and got to see the new fashion exhibit "About Time." Timed tickets are required, so I was glad to have had the opportunity. 

How was your November? 

-Alyssa J

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