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December 23, 2020

2020 Blog Post Favorites

Last year I wrote a "Favorites of 2019" blog post and it made me feel completely nostalgic. I wrote about my favorite concerts and live performances, and the photo I used for the post was of a bustling street fair. Little did I know, all of that was to disappear in 2020. This year I've decided to do a roundup of my favorite blog posts, which pretty much represent what was going on throughout the year. Let's jump in!
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This pretty much sums up all I did this year: read! There wasn't much else to do in my downtime, so many, many books were devoured. 

I was so excited to announce this series at the start of the year, but completing it got put on hold because of the pandemic. I still have a few sections to go, but made great progress once they opened back up at the end of the summer. 

This was another post that I wrote at the start of the year that quickly became irrelevant 😂

Posted this at the end of March so I could have a time capsule of sorts...little did I know at the time how many opportunities I would have to report from isolation!

If these aren't 2020 posts, I don't know what are. 

This was my one sponsored post of 2020 and it was very appropriate considering that we did in fact, despite the odds, get married this year. I was really happy with how the photography turned out for this post. 

These were two of my most in-depth posts this year and show that all of my energy has been focused on the museum and work!

I am so proud of our wedding and how quickly and beautifully it was planned. Also did a whole post on how I used Google tools to manage it all...are we seeing a theme? This was the highlight of the year and I was very excited to share how we made it happen. 

There you have it, my favorite posts of 2020! Ideally next year will be filled with more travel, going to shows, and another, larger wedding, but we'll just have to wait and see 😅

-Alyssa J

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