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August 5, 2020

Quarantine Routine To Keep You Sane

Here we are, in August, and I feel like I'm in the movie Groundhog Day. The same thing happens over and over, but somewhere along the way during this quarantine I finally got into a routine that works. Or at least keeps me semi-sane (if you're interested in my pre-quarantine routine, you can check out this profile Sales Hacker did on me here). Today I wanted to share what's been working for me in the hopes it will inspire you and also for posterity sake. Alright, let's jump into it!
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7:15am wake up
This has stayed pretty consistent. I wake up and look at my phone for a few minutes - usually reading The Morning Brew - and then physically get up.

7:30am get ready
This is a very pared down version of "getting ready." I take vitamins, brush my teeth, drink a glass of water, put on my mask, and head out the door. 

7:40am morning walk
I have been taking different routes around the neighborhood and Central Park. I listen to podcasts (I shared my favorite ones here) and get my mind going. 

8:10am breakfast and reading
I come back to the apartment, eat breakfast, and read for a little while. It's nice to do some of my favorite activities before my work day even begins. 

8:30am continue getting ready
This is when I get dressed in real work clothes for the day and decide whether or not I want to put on makeup. I'll also bring a chair into the bedroom for my desk and get my workspace set up. 

8:45am work begins
Even though I'm working from home, I've been starting my day about 15 minutes later than I used to at the office. Without co-workers to socialize with, walking around the office and getting lunch, and other (very much missed) distractions, I find I get even more work done despite starting slightly later.

5:45pm work ends
There's a bunch that happens in that span of 9 hours, but that hasn't changed all that much since before quarantine. 

6:00pm evening walk
This is my favorite part of the day. Joe and I put on our masks and head outside. We talk about our days, give each other work advice, and have a relaxing walk to wind down the work day. 

6:45pm dinner by Joe
I'm lucky that Joe enjoys cooking, so I just have to show up :) I'll sometimes make the sides while he makes the main, and will set the table and clean up.

7:30pm watch the Sopranos 
Guys, I am so into this show right now. Joe introduced me and I quickly became obsessed. I love seeing the landmarks from where I grew up and have gotten so invested in the lives of the characters. We're starting season five and I don't want it to end. Can't recommend diving into this show enough!

8:30pm reading, watching YouTube, general entertainment
This is where Joe and I split up for the evening. I've been reading a ton of books (be friends with me on Goodreads!) - most recently about the Met- and I can never watch enough YouTube. 

9:45pm get ready for bed
I have always been one to go to bed early, so I'll wrap up my living room hang out time (I need to spend some of the day out here since 75% of my day is spent in the bedroom) and get into bed with my book before I fall asleep. 

The walks are what really keep me sane, both by myself and with Joe. When quarantine first started I wasn't willing to leave the house at all, but now I recognize how important it is to get outside safely. Fingers crossed we have continued improvements here in the city and won't be in this scenario come winter when I probably won't be able to bear such long walks! 

How have you structured your days during quarantine? Any advice for how to make your day better? 

-Alyssa J

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