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April 15, 2020

Social Distancing Board and Virtual Games

Last week I shared the books I've been reading in hopes that it would give you inspiration in what you can do while you're staying home. Today I wanted to re-share a post I published at the beginning of the year about board games, and add some virtual games you can play to stay connected with your family and friends!
Click to read now or pin to save for later! Check out these board games and virtual games that can keep you entertained during social distancing

Forbidden Island

This is the game of the moment for me. What I love about it is that you work as a team, so you all win or you all lose. With sinking pieces, treasure to collect, and an ever rising water level, this is a fun game for two people or a group to play. Check it out here


An absolute classic in the Freitas household. Although it's a tile game with numbers, there's no math required (which is great for a girl who's terrible at mental math) and it's all about how you strategically get rid of the tiles in your hand. Check it out here


This is one of my favorite games, but it's sometimes hard to find three people willing to play. I like to think it's because I always win, but it's more likely because it can take a long time. Check it out here


This is a cut throat game where you have to decide if you're going to help out the team or continually put the brunt of the work on your fellow players. This is one of the more contentious games we play and can only stand a few rounds at a time. Check it out here.


This is a game you can play solo or with a group. Again like Forbidden Island you have to collect treasure, but this time you're in an ever changing maze that requires you to visualize how all of the pieces can move to help you meet your objective. Check it out here.

Virtual Games

Joe and his friends got a party box from The Jackbox, including Quiplash. They're having tons of laughs and enjoying the games over Zoom.

Spyfall is a game that Sheetal recommended (my hot chocolate buddy - by the time we see each other again ice cream will be more appropriate). There are some paid versions available as well, though I'm not sure what extras are really worthwhile.

Jeopardy is always a favorite, and while you can watch on Netflix, you can also quiz yourself or play with a team on Jeopardy's website.

A solo game that's keeping me entertained is logic puzzles. This app has a range of easy to hard puzzles and it's such a rush when you get it right!

What are your favorite board games, physical and virtual? Any recommendations are much appreciated!


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