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April 1, 2020

March 2020 Monthly Recap

This monthly recap it quite...different. Last month I was running around like crazy and absolutely loving it. March, however, has been far less busy as everyone is self isolating. Things are especially bad here in Manhattan and I am so saddened by the way the city that never sleeps has turned into a quiet place. I swear, I feel like I'm in a war movie, with sirens going all the time and hospital tents being set up in Central Park. This is absolutely not how I imagined spending spring in the city. I hope that everyone is staying home, staying healthy, and not going too stir crazy. Alright, on to this month's recap!

The most exciting event this month was onboarding to Google! I'm officially a Googler and am excited to see how my career develops and how Looker grows as part of this organization.

I got to go to the Met once before it shut down. The Met closing its doors broke my heart. Especially because this year is the 150th anniversary and the exhibit Making the Met was supposed to open this month :( Praying that it will be open this summer for the exciting celebratory weekend that is planned.

Christina came over to play board games about two days before everything shut down. We had such a lovely time together and I can't wait to see my friends again.

I've been doing an early morning walk on the weekends to try and stay sane. Not leaving the apartment is a challenge. We went out once to pick up food and the streets were barren.

To keep entertained I've been doing fun, domestic things, like baking a cake and cleaning. I'm also reading a ton and trying not to despair and eating cheese boards for one. I am so grateful to be quarantined with the best guy.

Last weekend I went to Riverside park instead and was struck by this image. Hoping that next month I'll have a more exciting and uplifting recap to share.

-Alyssa J

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