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April 22, 2020

Favorite Social Distancing Entertainment

Hey there, hello, how are you? I am going stir crazy, but trying to keep things in perspective. I'm healthy, I have a job...but I don't have freedom to move around. So what to do? Today I want to share with you my recent favorites and how I've been staying entertained in hopes it'll give you some ideas as well (you can check out last week's post to see my recommended board games). Everything I'm going to share is free and easy to get your hands on. Let's jump in!
Click to read now or pin to save for later! Here are some ideas to keep you entertained while social distancing


I have never really been a fan of podcasts before. And now I've figured out why - it's because I wasn't listening to the right ones. I've been going on walks early in morning before work and have had the chance to figure out what I like.


This is my favorite podcast so far. Each week the host does a deep dive into an event from history, and right now there's a focus on adventures since we can't go out and have any of our own at the moment.

Daily Sales Tips

I end each walk with the tip of the day and it gets me in the mood to start work and see how I can implement these sales suggestions in my process.

Thick and Thin

This is my relaxing podcast where I listen to YouTuber Katy Bellotte talk about her life in Manhattan. I will skip around with episodes (I don't tend to listen to the ones about dating, for instance), and love that she has recently been tying her topics back to a historical event or person.

A podcast I want to try out is Stuff You Missed in History Class because there are tons of episodes in the archives to go through.


We knew that reading was going to be a big source of entertainment, as it always is, and I wanted to share with you more about my reading process and not just what I've been reading. 

First of all, where am I getting my books now that the library is closed? I'm still getting them from the library, but I'm reading ebooks! Visit your library's website to figure out which tools they use to make ebooks available. For the NYPL, I use OverDrive - you can log on there, then get ebooks delivered to your Kindle. 

I recently shared my roundup of the books I've read and I keep track of them all on Goodreads. I love to post my ratings and look at my stats, and use Goodreads as a way to figure out what books I should check out next.  

The biggest change to my reading routine is what I'm listening to while I read. I created my own reading playlist a while back with instrumental music from my favorite movies and shows. But it ended up distracting me more than helping me concentrate. Instead, I've switched to listening to jazz and LOVE it. This is the playlist I've had on repeat. 


Speaking of music, this is the other playlist I've had on heavy rotation. 


It's pretty well established by now that I love watching YouTube! In fact, when I decide it's time to watch some YouTube, I say I'm going to hang out with my girl friends...maybe a little strange, but I have fun with it. Here are some of my favorite channels I've been keeping up with recently. 

Watching old vlogs to help myself not miss being out and about in NYC.

Austen is an actual friend, so I don't feel as silly saying I'm going to hang out with her while watching her videos

I have so many others I watch, but these are my favorite "friends!"


Joe and I watched Better Call Saul on Netflix and really enjoyed it! We're also watching VEEP on HBO and I'm watching Little Fires Everywhere on Hulu. Of course, I'm also rewatching Downton Abbey because I can never do that enough times.

What have been your recent favorites while social distancing? Would love to get ideas from you as well!

-Alyssa J

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