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April 29, 2020

April 2020 Monthly Recap

Alright, this is our first monthly recap post where I was 100% at home. In March I had about a week of working in the office before we were sent home. When I put it that way, it doesn't seem like we've been isolated for all that long. But it certainly feels like an eternity. My posts from this month have been about reading, and board games, and social distancing activities...and that pretty much encompasses all I've been up to.
Click to read now or pin to save for later! This is what I've been up to in April during the COVID crisis in NYC
I've been doing a lot more cooking. First up is my version of stir fry.

Followed by perfecting meat sauce.

Joe cooks the meat, I make the potatoes.

And finally another cake, because, why not?

I've been taking my morning walks and have loved the tulips in Roosevelt park, right next to the Natural History Museum.

Empty streets are now the norm.

I got some blooms on my orchids and am proud of how I've kept them going!

I've been sitting out on the fire escape when it's warm enough to finish out my work day. Somehow I've been busier than ever with work (I think it's a combination of getting into a groove with my territory and accounts, and especially with my confidence). There's been lots of good feedback on my efforts recently and it's crazy how far I've come in my 10 months with Looker/Google.

I'm finding new paths in Central Park on my walks, which has been cool!

This is a picture of the hospital tents that are set up on the East side. It's super eerie and made me feel like I was in an actual war.

Also really enjoying walks around the neighborhood.

One day I decided to walk over to the Met and it was just too sad. I will not be going back again until I'm allowed inside.

A selfie to document the one day I wore makeup this month.

The NYC Google office is hosting virtual trivia each week, which has been a blast! My book club also met, which was really nice.

We have a blue bird that loves to hang out on the fire escape. We might have never met if I wasn't working from home during the day.

Speaking of the fire escape (again. Because it's our one outdoor space, if you can even call it that), Joe and I had a picnic and it was almost like we were back to normal.

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How has your month been? Hope you're staying well!

-Alyssa J

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