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March 4, 2020

Apartment Cleaning Routine (with checklist)

I was so excited to move into our apartment. Number one to live with Joe, of course, closely followed by drastically reducing my commute, having everything I could want at my fingertips, and being in the greatest city on earth. Not too high on the list? Cleaning our own space.
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When living at home I helped keep the place clean, but I wasn't the primary person in charge, and during college I had a bedroom and bathroom, so that was pretty simple. I love to organize and get rid of things, but not clean. Or so I thought. Today I want to share with you our cleaning routine and how I'm actually enjoying the process. And I made a handy checklist for inspiration for you!

Weekly/Every Other Week

Saturday or Sunday mornings are when I do a deep clean. We're talking hands and knees scrubbing kind of clean. 

I start by dusting, including shelves, the baseboards, etc. I throw on some music and use a handheld Swiffer duster. I pay special attention to getting surfaces like the top of our light switches and back of the tv that you wouldn't normally notice if you were just scanning the room. 

After that I vacuum. I like to do this second in case anything fell off any of the surfaces while I was dusting. We have a Dyson we got on sale at Costco and I love it!

I jump into the kitchen next. While we clean the kitchen each time we cook, I'll go in and scrub the floors, the top of the fan, the wall behind the stove, etc. I use Clorox wipes on the floor and Mrs. Meyers multi-surface spray for counters. 

After dusting and before vacuuming, I spray the tub with Scrubbing Bubbles and let that do it's magic so it's ready to be scrubbed by the time I'm coming to the bathroom. I'll scrub the tub, wipe down the sides, clean the floor, empty the trash, clean the toilet (both the bowl and the base), and I clean the mirror. I'll also take everything off of the shelves in the medicine cabinet and wipe each of those down. 

Once a month(ish)?

Some of the less frequent tasks include vacuuming the couch, cleaning the spaces in our heater in the bathroom (I use a q-tip in each slot for that), cleaning the lampshades (with a lint roller), and wiping down the fridge. We have a pretty small space, so it's easy to do everything each week. 

We're good about consistently getting rid of clutter, like mail, and expired food, and such, but I will also pick up items like that during the weekly cleaning process to keep things spic and span!

Here's a checklist you can use for inspiration.

-Alyssa J

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