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February 5, 2020

January 2020 Monthly Recap

Hello, new year! It's already February so it's time to put up my January monthly recap. I started this series at this time last year as a way to motivate myself to take more pictures and to serve as a journal of sorts. I've admittedly been journaling infrequently and I'm wondering if these recaps as partially to blame!
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Joe and I celebrated New Year's Eve by going out for dinner, kissing at midnight, and proceeding right to sleep.

This month included the birth of two new series on Instagram - #findmeatthemet and hot chocolate reviews across NYC in partnership with my friend Sheetal. I've had a great time making trips to the Met and consuming tons of sugar!

I've been wanting to upgrade my wardrobe and I was finally inspired to make a purchase after putting on a shirt I've had since I was 16 and discovering it was coming undone at the seams. I went to Scotch & Soda and played dress up with the shopping assistant - obsessed with what she picked out for me!

So much time at the Met - surprise, surprise.

Joe and I went on a double date with Austen and Andrew to try out Korean BBQ. It was delicious!

Because of our hot chocolate project, Sheetal and I have also been exploring different neighbors and we spent a beautiful, mild morning in Soho.

The weather then took a turn and we got a bunch of snow on the night of Joe's friends' house warming party. We ventured to Jersey City and got to enjoy the sparkling snow.

Addison and I have birthday's back to back and we celebrated by going to the Palm for dinner and having Lady's delectable cupcakes.

I went to San Diego for Looker's sales kickoff and it was such a beautiful place we got to stay. I had a room with a fireplace that opened onto the beach, we had s'mores at a beach bonfire, and of course learned a ton that is going to be essential to success this year!

For my birthday I had a three day extravaganza. I got my annual Cinnabon, Joe took me to the dining room in the Met, and my girl friends all got together for brunch. Feeling so happy and loved entering my 25th year. I'll have a post coming next week about 5 things I've learned in 25 years, so stay tuned for that!

How was your January? 

-Alyssa J

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