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January 29, 2020

Recent Writing Work

Hi there, hello! I was thinking about what I wanted to write about this week and realized I hadn't shared some of my recent publications elsewhere.
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If you don't know, I volunteer for an organization called Women in Sales Everywhere (WISE) which is just what it sounds like. I'm the Content Chair and work on editing the blog as well as managing Instagram, especially the stories section!

Recently I wrote a blog post about how to smoothly transition jobs. You can check it out here!

Along with all the sales things (it's pretty much all I think about), I was profiled on a website called Sales Hacker. They have a "day in the life" series and mine was called "A Day in the Life of an Account Executive on the Move." You can learn all about my daily routine here.

On LinkedIn I wrote a post about what I learned about data in 2019. That was a fun one and I love to share my experiences across platforms.

I used to seek out guest posting opportunities to expose my work to different audiences. There isn't enough time to do so like I used to, but I am so glad I get to share my thoughts here and that once in a while I get to reach new eyes.

-Alyssa J

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