#FindMeAtTheMet | Alyssa J Cori: #FindMeAtTheMet

January 8, 2020


New year, new series! If you have read my monthly recaps you know that I spend time at the Met. A lot of time at the Met. And I was thinking since I spend so much time there, why not share the experience with you?
The goal is to visit every section of the Met and share with you pieces and stories that stand out to me. I'll be using the hashtag #findmeatthemet and chronicling it all on Instagram.

This weekend I did my first session on 19th and early 20th century European painting and sculptures. You can check it out on my Instagram highlights here.

Something I'm considering doing is writing a Back in Time post to go with the section. For example, I came across this interesting couple and would love to do more research on them...stayed tuned for that post!

If you have any requests of what you'd like to see, leave a comment or send me a message on Instagram. I'd love for this to be a collaborative project and look forward to seeing all of the Met with you over the course of the year!

-Alyssa J

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