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November 27, 2019

November 2019 Monthly Recap

I can't believe there's only one more monthly recap left in 2019! No one seems to be freaking out yet that we're entering a new decade. Does anyone else remember this being more of a thing? I'm excited to enter 2020 and live it up in the roaring '20s! But we're not there yet...let's take a look back at what happened in November.
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I started the month off with an amazingly perfect New York day. I had a great day at work, headed out a bit early and made my way to my favorite place - The Met. A world renowned lutenist came to perform in what has been my favorite exhibit on Dutch art. I was the youngest one there by at least a couple of decades and the place was packed! I won't be seeking out the lute again, but it was a cool experience to hear the music of the time with the art. On my way home (just a quick walk across Central Park, don't ya know) there were fireworks to kick off the marathon, but I felt like they were just for me.

The fabulous New York City weekend continued the next day when I met Austen for brunch. We had such a fun time catching up and I joined her for a photo shoot she had scheduled in the park. You can check out her vlog for more of the fun!

Will never get over that this is our street <3

The next day Joe and I went over to visit with Christina, Fran, and John. We chilled out and when we decided we needed dessert John went out and came back with a whole ice cream selection!

For a special date night Joe and I went to a seafood place around the corner and then went to the Beacon theater to see the comedian Tom Segura perform.

The Cori's came to visit for a weekend and I asked these cuties to be my bridesmaids! We went and picked out dresses and I am so excited to have them stand by my side.

Papa came into the city for Veterans Day and we went to see the parade together. It was a great showing and I'm proud to be the daughter of a vet!

We checked out another show this month at the Brooklyn Steel. We saw Mister Wives and they did a phenomenal, happy job!

Sheetal and I kicked off what is turning out to be our annual hot chocolate tour of NYC. We started at Maman's and I'm thinking this may have to be a blog post in and of itself. We had a fun time together and she really is the sweetest.

Jessie and I (another IBM friend!) got together for breakfast and had wonderful conversation. It's so helpful to have friends who are also in sales to talk with and relate to outside of your own company. I also got to see Logan in November, so it was quite an IBM month.

Joe and I were finally able to get together with Chrystalla and James, who also are recently engaged!!! We had been waiting to open champagne with them and got to drink it out of wine glasses haha We had dinner and hung out at the apartment and just had the best time with them.

I headed to Florida for a full week of work. I did some training for Yukon and attended an event for Looker and feel so grateful that I have challenging and engaging work. I also got to check off a bucket list item - I was upgraded to first class on the way home! It was everything I dreamed it would be and more.

Joe and I had a perfect weekend at home and were so glad to be back together after all the travel. We went to my co-worker Catherine's friendsgiving, had a breakfast date, ran errands, and all that jazz.

How has your November been?! Happy Thanksgiving! 

-Alyssa J

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