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September 18, 2019

The Importance of Confidence

I recently had breakfast with a girl friend, and we had a lot of catching up to do. As it usually happens, the catching up turned into a coaching session and we were helping each other think through challenges.
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We're both in sales and appreciate that each deal we work on is completely different and we have to adapt. But that also means it can be hard to trust yourself when you are constantly faced with situations that don't have a formula to "properly" handle.

I got to thinking about how this pretty much describes life. There are always new hurdles to overcome and it can be scary when you're in a brand new situation. However, if you have confidence and trust in yourself you will be able to handle yourself with grace and progress toward your desired results!

A moment of some clarity on this came while I was looking through my old YouTube videos (I did a series of compilations in college) and came across this one of a sales competition. The video shows an exciting week where I got to explore Milwaukee and had an exciting victory, coming in second place.

While you watch me accepting an award and hugging my friends, what you don't see is the fact that I called my mother from the bathroom, crying after the first round. I was convinced I'd bombed and was devastated that this one moment would kick me out of the competition.

I learned a major lesson from this:

1. Often times you're your own worst critic

I tore myself down, going over every wrong word I thought I'd said and looking at how I didn't do a good job (in my eyes) leading the conversation. Not only was I not looking at what I did well, I also wasn't constructively figuring out how I could get better the next time.

2. It's easy to forget the process when looking at your accomplishments

When I think back to the competition, I only remember the highlights. If I wasn't rewatching this video around the same time as my breakfast conversation, I may have just remembered the feeling of success and not the doubt that led up to it. 

This shows how important it is to put challenges into perspective and to acknowledge that you've had doubts before and have proven your capability. Basically, have some darn confidence!

Although this story was a victory, there are many other times where things haven't worked out perfectly or I haven't performed in line with my personal expectations. What is important in both types of situations is having belief and trust in your abilities and doing what is in your power to improve. It's the only way to deal with challenges and something we can all benefit from working on!

How do you deal with challenges and trust yourself?

-Alyssa J

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