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May 29, 2019

May 2019 Monthly Recap

Sunshine! This month the sun continued to hang out, and what a wonderful thing that is.
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Naturally, the weather drew us to brunch and eggs benedict continues to be my favorite when I decide to go savory instead of sweet.

Joe and I played ping pong, and not to brag or anything, but I won again (just like in March. Could I have become unbeatable?).

When I told Papa the next day, he told me he could show me a thing or two and we also went to play. The game ended in a tie, so I still have a bit of work to do.

I got to see Tina again - two months in a row! We were in New Jersey this time and had a great dinner and conversation, as always.

A big highlight of this month was seeing Addison compete in amateur night at the Apollo. He advanced through multiple rounds, on multiple nights, and I am very proud.

On the morning of Uber's IPO, I joined the Morning Brew crew at a tailgate at the NYSE. If you aren't familiar, the Morning Brew is a business email newsletter that keeps you informed and entertained. You can sign up here!

Another business event I attended this month, aside from a Women's Bond Club evening, was a Women in Sales panel about creating value from first outreach to closure. I really enjoyed hearing the speakers weigh in on the topic and got some good prospecting ideas in the process.

A fun activity this month was being in a photo shoot on a boat! My mother signed me up for a photoshoot for South Street Seaport Museum and it was a blast. While the morning was cool, nothing could beat these views.

Joe and I picnicked in Washington Square Park and had a lovely time walking around.

Austen and Andrew had a housewarming party and I was so excited to take in even more amazing Manhattan views.

I headed off to Arizona for a week for work and got to spend a little bit of time exploring. I checked out the Sugar Bowl and Old Town in Scottsdale.

This past weekend Joe and I picnicked in Central Park and I got to wear my new red dress. I'm trying to incorporate more red into my wardrobe and am obsessed with this dress from Old Navy that has Madewell-vibes. We read and ate strawberries and were in heaven.

How was your May?!


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