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May 8, 2019

Influencers To Brighten Up Your Feed

I've been writing about minimalism for a long time. Back in 2015 I did an entire series on digital minimalism and what I shared then still holds true today. While it's great to be intentional about how you consume content and go for the "less is more" mindset, I've recently found that it's even more important to get joy from what you're looking at.
Click to read now or pin to save for later! Here's a roundup of positive influencers you can follow to brighten up your feed!
I love personal development and organization inspiration as much as the next go-getter, but when it comes to social media I've been intentionally following more of what I call "happy influencers." Those people who have a positive, bright attitude and consistently make your day better. I'm going to share my favorites and I would love if you would comment and let me know who you like to follow!

Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse recently got an Instagram and I am obsessed. She is so adorable and they come up with the cutest captions.

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Mickey Mouse

And how can you follow Minnie without Mickey? It's so fun to see what Mickey and his friends are up to!

Allison Bickerstaff

Allison works at Disney (are you seeing a theme here?) and has the most lovely, positive, happy spirit! Her Instagram is great, and I especially love her YouTube channel.

Michel Janse Smith

Michel is an actress, waitress, and all around charming person who makes YouTube videos about living in a small space, weddings, nutrition, and other lifestyle topics. I love her personality and get excited whenever she posts a new video. 

Caroline Jordan

I discovered Caroline when I injured my sesamoid bone (a bone in your foot). She has a YouTube channel where she posts helpful videos about recovering from foot injury and workouts that don't require you to put weight on your foot. Even though I am thankfully so much better and don't need those tips as much, I still love to follow her Instagram for the positive quotes and her updates on all the great work she is doing with others recovering from injury. 

Morgan Yates

I appreciate that Morgan is a tell-it-like-it-is personality! She is down to earth, laughs a lot, and I am always excited to click on her videos.

Whitney Saxon

My favorite place to follow Whitney is on her blog. I absolutely love her vulnerable and relatable posts and her baby is adorable! She has a nonprofit called The Letter Project, which I've participated in, that you can also check out. 

Like I said at the start, I would love to know who you follow for positive vibes? Hope you enjoyed this roundup!

-Alyssa J

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