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May 1, 2019

April 2019 Monthly Recap

Happy spring! The first weekend of the month was absolutely beautiful out. Joe and I were walking around outside and talked about what a huge difference the weather makes in our enjoyment of the city. Rather than struggling to find free/affordable things to entertain ourselves indoors, we can just grab our books, head to a park, and have a perfect weekend. This month gave a little taste of that blissful life, and I can't wait to increase time spent outdoors.
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We went out for a great brunch that first weekend and absolutely basked in the sunshine!

I headed up to Boston for a client meeting and got to see Tina. It's always wonderful when I can incorporate a visit when I travel for work, and we had a great time walking around the city and eating a yummy Italian dinner.

A big milestone on my foot injury recovery was reached this month - I did yoga for the first time since September! It felt so good to get back on the mat. While I have to make modifications for my foot and knee, I'm learning to be more understanding and gentle with my body, and appreciative of what I can do.

Since Addison is in his senior year (still can't believe we'll be celebrating his graduation in a couple of months) he had to choreograph a number at his school for his senior project. It was so exciting to see and I can't wait to go to many more performances as he enters the real world of being a working dancer and choreographer.

A big event for me this month was my research trip to the NYPL! I wrote a follow up post to one of my Back In Time posts and it was so exciting for me to get my hands on a rare primary source. You can read all about the most recent historical topic I'm obsessing over here.

That same beautiful day Joe and I had a double date with John and Christina that included walking all around Central Park and going out for a delicious dinner.

I went to a very cool event for the Women's Bond Club that I am part of through IBM. It's the oldest and most prestigious organization for women in the financial services industry in New York and this month was our annual awards banquet. It's held in the National History Museum and we ate dinner in the Hall of Ocean Life under the whale!

Kajal and I went out for dinner and realized we hadn't seen each other since around Thanksgiving. It's pretty crazy how many months can go by between seeing friends, and it's wonderful when we can get schedules to align. She treated me to dinner as a belated birthday gift and I had the most scrumptious apple dessert!

The night before Easter my family went to a concert of Coldplay and U2 tribute bands. We had an awesome time, and I was surprised by how many Coldplay songs I recognized and didn't originally realize were theirs.

I FINALLY updated my profile picture this month after more than a year of the same photo from Italy. Addison got a new phone and I am obsessed with the camera. Mama and Addison are great at photo shoots, so it took hardly any time for them to set up the right shot and capture a whole bunch of great options. Seriously, go check out Addison's Instagram where they post all of their great photos. I can't wait to upgrade my phone and be able to take better pictures.

Well, that pretty much covers it! April was a lovely month, and I can't wait for more sunny days to come.

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