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April 3, 2019

March 2019 Monthly Recap

After an action packed February, I was glad to have a more relaxed March. At the start of the month Chrystalla, James, Joe and I went to Break in Astoria, which is a very fun bar that has tons of games. Let the record show, when Joe and I faced off in ping pong I won. It's very important to make note of this publicly because we've had an on-going ping pong battle since college and it's awesome to be the current leader.

I went to two different work/industry related events this month. The Wall Street Journal hosted a panel in Bryant Park and I went to a fraud summit this month as well. Each time I attend an event I always end up learning something new, whether it's about a client or another vendor or an emerging industry trend. While it is sometimes awkward to go on your own, I try to put myself in a mindset that everyone is there to learn, and just focus on being friendly to those I encounter. Even for outgoing people it can be tough to feel confident when you don't know anyone, but pushing through is always worth it.

I did have to travel to Philly for work this month, so I got to see Casey! We went out for dinner and I got to see her apartment, which is right near Addison Street. It's exciting to get to visit friends in different cities and I've been very lucky that IBM has sent me to quite a few destinations (Denver, San Diego, Boston) where I get to see friends.

My mother does an "Invention Convention" each year at her school, and when I attended I got to see one of IBM's original PCs!

Random, but this month we celebrated my birthday and Mama made cupcakes. Although my birthday is in January, I had so much travel going on that I asked her to wait to make them until I'd be home for an extended period of time and would get to enjoy it.

This month I spoke on a panel through the Women's Bond Club. We went to an all girls school in the city to discuss college applications, actually being in college, and post-grad careers. It was great to be able to pass on what we had learned and the girls are at such an exciting moment in their lives (which I lamented being past in my last post).

The last weekend of the month, my friend Hansel was visiting the city. You may remember Hansel from my trip to Rome and my visit with him in his city of San Diego (although you haven't actually seen him because he prefers to be behind the camera). We went to the Met and to Hudson Yards, as well as made a Shake Shack stop, naturally.

What were you up in March?


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