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December 26, 2018

Goal Setting For 2019

For the past three years I've written a post about setting goals for the new year. In 2016 I encouraged you to set principles, not resolutions. The principles I outlined in that post ended up sticking and have become lifelong instead of year long. So then in 2017 I decided a mantra for the year would be the way to go. I added my principles in (and reading goal, of course) and was set. Then for 2018 we were on to making qualitative instead of quantitative resolutions.
Click to read now or pin to save for later! Now that 2019 is nearly upon us, it's time to set some goals and get ready for the new year. Check out this post to help you figure out what to focus on
And now for 2019...I'm sort of at a loss. As each year goes by I realize that there are less and less "unique" ways to go after your goals and it mostly comes back to basics: working hard, staying consistent, and doing the best you can on any given day. That said, let's talk through how to identify what you want to work hard at and be consistent with. 

Yearly recap

I wrote about this in another one of my resolution posts and think it's pretty darn good, so I'm going to repeat it here. In order to figure out what you want to improve on, you need to reflect on the past year. Here are some questions to help get you started:
  1. When was I most proud of myself this past year?
  2. What is a moment I wish I could relive so I could respond in a different way? 
  3. When did I feel most excited and alive?
  4. When did I feel most frustrated and stuck?
Based on your answers to these questions you can start to brainstorm what you may want to do more and less of in 2019. 

For me, I know I was most proud of myself when I ran successful, useful client calls at work. When I was able to quickly determine what my clients needed and get the right resources I felt proud and happy with my work. 

There are quite a few moments I wish I could relive, and most of them are when I reacted to a situation instead of responding after taking a moment to really figure out if the situation was a big deal or not.

I definitely felt most excited and alive when I was on stage or on the water. The stage was literally just being called on in a theme park show (small and unplanned, but so much fun) and the water was when I was in a crew race and when I visited San Diego and took a boat ride. 

I felt most frustrated and stuck when I was having difficulty getting engaged with the right clients and people at work. Whether it was an internal challenge or mapping out how to grow and progress in my role, I found the unknown particularly difficult. 

Figure out what to do more of and less of

It's clear that I get a lot of satisfaction from leading the charge. At work that means when I can understand and find solutions to client problems, and in my downtime/personal time it means I need to seek out activities where I can present and be a leader. With work, I can continue to take on more responsibility as I'll be doing in 2019, and in my personal life I am challenging myself to sign up for at least one class this year (acting, exercise/dancing, who knows what else, but I'll find something).

On the flip side, I need focus on putting things in perspective and ensuring that I am not reacting to a situation that ultimately isn't a big deal. The unknown can get most of us thrown off, but realizing that there are few situations that can't be worked through (and remembering that fact in the moment) can help to reduce these feelings of frustration.

As I mentioned before, there's little I can tell you that I haven't already said before with going after your goals (you can check out some more posts here, here and here) and figuring out what those should be in the first place. With this two step reminder you can reset for 2019 and continue to refine the way you are achieving your dreams.

What are your goals for 2019? How do you like to determine what to focus on?


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