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November 7, 2018

4-Step End Of Week Routine

This past Friday I was co-working with my friend Sheetal and before we headed out for the weekend, I told her I had to do my end of week routine. I showed her the steps I take to organize my outstanding tasks, inbox, and files, and how I clear my mind for the weekend. Though to be honest, most Saturday mornings I still end up working, but it's usually on a few key items and I already know what has to get done Friday at close of business so I can enjoy my Friday night.

She suggested I do a blog post about my Friday wrap up and I was like "perfect, now I don't have to brainstorm Saturday morning," so thank you, Sheetal!
Click to read now or pin to save for later! Here is a 4 step routine to help you wrap up the week and clear your mind for the weekend
There are three key steps I go through at the end of each Friday to ensure that I'm set up for the weekend and can pick up right where I left off on Monday.

Step One: Notes

I keep notes in a notebook and digitally with a program called Evernote. I try to type up my handwritten notes after client meetings (I don't like to type when I am face to face with others) so I have searchable records. On Friday I'll flip through my notebook to find any notes I took that haven't made it to Evernote yet and make sure that everything is recorded digitally. It makes it so much easier later, when I've finished the notebook or can't find an exact page, to have it all synced on my phone an computer.

Step Two: Emails

I've written about email minimalism and taking back your inbox, but both of those posts are from before I had a full time job. I'm due to write an updated email organization post, but for now those posts are a good starting point to understand how I approach my inbox. 

Throughout the week I do my best to file my emails into the appropriate folders and respond to messages in a timely fashion (24 hours is the max I usually allow myself). That way, by the time Friday roles around it's just like doing my normal end of day review of outstanding emails. I'll mark off emails that I want to respond to on Saturday morning and then I make note of the actions I need to take from any of the emails sitting in my inbox. Which brings us to the next step...

Step Three: Updating To-Do Lists

I've yet to blog about Trello, the program I started using at the beginning of September to keep track of tasks and projects. I wanted to make sure it was a method I really liked, and can do an in-depth post about how I use Trello in the future. For now, I'll give you the quick overview, in context of my end of week routine. 

Below is an example of what a Trello board looks like. I blacked out my notes because they mention my clients, but you can see that I have five main lists: To Do, Doing, Done, Kudos/Wins/You're Doing Just Fine, and Personal To Dos.

It's pretty self explanatory. On the first three lists I keep track of where I am on work tasks. Each item can be opened up and you can add more detail to what needs to be accomplished, like check lists and notes. The fourth list is where I put small and large wins of what I've achieved throughout the week, and the last list is where I keep track of my personal to dos.

At the end of the week I make a copy of the board, change up the background, and reshuffle the tasks to the appropriate list for the next week. I also add any other tasks from my email clean up. I take the wins from the week and move them to a separate "wins" board, which is sort of like a work journal/place for me to keep my accomplishments to see how I'm progressing.

Step Four: File Cleanup

A little while back I wrote about how I organize my laptop to keep all of my files and applications in check. I have found that it is essential for me to go through my downloads folder and desktop to organize my files at the end of every week. I am able to determine what I need to keep and my goal is to have a clear desktop and downloads folder each Friday.

There you have it, my four-step end of week routine! Going through these steps helps me reflect on the week I had, clear my mind for the weekend, and set me up for a successful week ahead.

Do you have an end of week routine? Is there any step that you find super helpful?


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