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September 6, 2018

MoviePass Recently

I recently made a tough decision. Have you heard about MoviePass? You most likely have, and if you haven't here's the quick story. Some guys got together and said, "Hey, it seems like people really dig subscription know what would be a great subscription - unlimited movies!!!" Then these guys set out to create a business model that would allow you to see one movie, every day, for about $10/month. It seems like the goal was to get enough people using MoviePass to make it sustainable, but instead it's been plagued with fraud and hasn't scaled quite like envisioned.
Click to read now or pin to save for later! I recently decided to keep movie pass and thought I'd give you a look at the movies I've seen and how I'd rate each one
I was so excited by MoviePass at the onset that I purchased a year long subscription. Well, since then MoviePass has limited the number of movies you can see and there have been a whole host of problems with the app - however, I decided to stick it out until March when my subscription is up and then reevaluate. I've just been having too much fun going to theaters to give up just yet. Plus, I've already seen enough movies that it's paid for itself, so why not keep it going?

Here are the movies I've seen since getting MoviePass and my unscientific star rating for each one


This one was...strange. And strange is not always a bad thing! It's about two friends who decide to murder one's step father and as you can imagine, things are pretty messed up leading to the event and after. 

The Death of Stalin

Hysterical. This movie, as the title suggests, is about the immediate aftermath of the death of Stalin and how the Council of Ministers vie for power.

Isle of Dogs  

Wes Anderson films are bound to be good and Isle of Dog did not disappoint. When all of the dogs are banished to an island because they are accused of bringing disease and corruption to the humans, one boy sets off to find his dog that was taken from him.

I Feel Pretty 

Sorry Amy, but this movie did not do it for me. I expected it to be light-hearted, but not as shallow and predictable as it turned out to be.


Action, adventure, romance. A solid movie for a girl who doesn't watch Star Wars, but likes to make her boyfriend happy.


A documentary about Ruth Bader Ginsburg and her rise to the Supreme Court. It was great to see the obstacles she has overcome and her unreal work ethic.

Incredibles 2

FINALLY. We've been waiting for this movie for years and it did not disappoint. The family is just as loving, funny, and daring as ever, and I liked seeing Elastigirl in the lead.

Three Identical Strangers

The first 5 star movie on the list and with good reason. This documentary about triplets separated at birth blew my mind, and sparked interesting conversations about nature v nurture.

Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again

Not as good as the first, but delivers on its promise of being a heart warming musical and a perfect escape.


What happens when a black man joins the KKK? He gets a lot further than you might think.

What's on your list of movies to see? Any recommendations for recent movies I've missed?


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