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June 20, 2018

What To Spend Your Downtime Consuming

There is so. much. content out there for us to consume. From never ending Pinterest feeds, to newsletters, to shows, we are constantly inundated with something to read or watch or listen to. Two years ago I wrote a post about how to consume media consciously. While my minimalist mindset did a lot to inform that post, I didn't talk much about my own method of determining what is worthwhile to spend my time on.
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Here are a two ways you can figure out what is worth allocating your limited time to:

Explore based on recommendations

It's far too easy to just jump out into the vast internet and libraries of the world to search for your next book or article or piece of entertainment. Instead, try working off of recommendations. Did a blogger you love just write about her favorite accounts to follow on Instagram? Did your friend rave to you about a podcast she can't stop listening to? Chances are, if you're already friends with or following someone they'll be able to point you in the right direction of what to check out next.

Reviews, reviews, reviews

I've instituted a new rule for myself that I am LOVING: Only read books that get a 4 star and above rating on Goodreads. After recently reading a bad book (once I start a book, I'm committed even if I'm not enjoying it, which is probably a blog post and self-examination for another day), I decided I needed a way to avoid that in the future. This threshold rule of 4 stars is a great way to ensure that I'm reading quality books. Maybe you can look at Rotten Tomatoes first if you love to watch movies, or statistics on Netflix to keep yourself enjoying the best of the best.

How do you figure out what to read or watch next? How do you stay inspired with new things to read and watch coming at you from every angle? Any advice is much appreciated!


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