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February 21, 2018

Thoughts on "Trying"

I love a good YouTube video, but it's hard to find a good video to love. You know? I've blogged about YouTube videos before (here and here), and have finally found a series I adore. Lucie Fink is the star of two YouTube series I love from Refinery 29 (not into much else from them, other than Lucie): Try Living with Lucie and Lucie for Hire.
Click to read now or pin to save for later! Have you ever thought about trying something completely new? Pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone? We don't have to do anything radical to grow and learn, it all starts with trying something new
In Try Living with Lucie, she does 5 day challenges and records her methods and results. She takes suggestions from her fans and turns them into fun videos that end up giving her audience ideas for how to improve their lives. Lucie for Hire shows her trying different jobs and learning about what goes into a variety of careers.

I'd always viewed her videos as an entertaining way to learn a little something and maybe walk away with some self improvement ideas. She's consistently positive and is the kind of girl I imagine I would be great friends with. That was about the extent I thought about the meaning of her videos until I saw this Ted Talk.

In this talk Lucie shares how she got started on her creative path and highlights why she films the videos she does. Her story revolves around "trying." 

I have a feeling most of you would consider yourselves perfectionists to a degree. Or at least, you prefer to put yourself in situations where success is a more likely outcome than failure. I can put two hands up for that! 

However, when I reflect on every activity I have ever engaged in or challenge I've set for myself, I usually play to my strengths. No doubt this is a great strategy for most of your life. For example, attempting to become a professional broadway actress when your singing leaves something to be desired and your dancing ability is nonexistent is not a good plan. 

But there are so many other opportunities in your life to try something. To stretch outside of where you know you'll be the best. My greatest memories and points of growth come from throwing myself into something new and uncertain; joining the crew team, being vulnerable in relationships, and embracing a city that (had you asked me a few years ago) I had no idea I would love so much. 

Watching Lucie's videos make me wonder why we don't do this more? There are opportunities, both big and small, that we can engage in to expand our minds and abilities. Here are a few of my favorite episodes to give you inspiration for something new you can try today (or, like the pizza one, maybe something to just fantasize about).

Here's how to try a variety of new things.

And be more lovey.

How about becoming a pasta maker, à la Master of None?

Or making jumbo pizza (I promise she does more than make food, but those are my favorites!)

What are your thoughts on trying? Do you often step outside your comfort zone or challenge yourself to do something new? Any ideas for how you will incorporate more trying into your life?    


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