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October 25, 2017

Ultimate NYC Weekend Guide

I am super excited to share this post today! My friend and fellow blogger Austen (check out our collabs about careers here and here, as well as how we first met and one of our recent fun at a fashion show) and I have created a NYC weekend guide and divided it into two parts: day and night. I'm sharing the nighttime activities and Austen's blog has all of the day time attractions, so make sure to head over there too.

Photos are a mix of Austen's and my own :)

Click to read now or pin to save for later! This NYC weekend guide will give you all of the must see spots, from sightseeing, to food, to hotels, we've got you covered


When you’re craving tacos or Modelo Especial, this cute and casual Mexican restaurant is for you. With a repurposed van as the kitchen space at this Elizabeth street locale, you’ll feel like you’re getting an authentic street food experience.

Forcella La Pizza de Napoli 
If you are craving Neapolitan-style pizza, look no further than a delicious pie from Forcella. This pizza is worth the trip to Brooklyn (and ok, they have a LES location too) and I’m now convinced I can never live outside of the delivery radius of it.

Le Monde 
Few things are worth trekking all the way uptown for, but the Croque Monsieur's at Le Monde certainly are. A great place to go with a small group of friends or with a special someone, everything from the entrees to the desserts will put a smile on your face.

Las Catrinas 
This restaurant on Broadway in Astoria is a delicious Mexican spot with the friendliest staff. When the weather is nice you can sit outside and enjoy a great corner vantage point of this popular street. 

Although the menu is limited, this restaurant on a boat (!!!) in Brooklyn is charming and romantic. For seafood, cocktails, and a view of the Financial District skyline, Pilot is the place to go.

In the heart of Little Italy, Puglia is a cozy spot for quality Italian food. On some nights you can enjoy live music when you dine, and the crowd is always festive.


Cookie DO 
This place is hyped on social media and the line is known to go around the block, but I can attest that the dough is delicious. Definitely only get one scoop, even if you’re sharing, because it is so rich. 

Soft Swerve 
This little Allen street spot will definitely surpass your expectations. With soft serve options like matcha, black sesame and ube, a buffet of toppings to choose from and even flavored cones, this place is a must-visit.

The thought of fish and ice cream together may gross you out, but wait until you see Taiyaki. This locale takes the Japanese pastry filled with red bean paste or custard and leaves the top open to fill with ice cream. Taiyaki has pre-set combinations of toppings and flavors so if you can’t make up your mind, you can’t go wrong with one of them.

Concerts and Venues

Baby’s All Right 
One of Brooklyn's smaller but much-beloved venues, Baby’s All Right is often named the favorite spot of indie musical groups to perform. With its lightbulb backdrop and its close-knit atmosphere, show’s at Baby’s are a guaranteed good time. Also in a total plot twist, they have dope brunch.

Music Hall of Williamsburg 
If you’re looking for some good jams in the heart of Williamsburg, this is the place to be. Hop off the L train at bedford, have dinner nearby, and get there 30 minutes late to fit in.

The Brooklyn Steel
This performance space is in a converted steel fabrication shop in East Williamsburg. Concerts here are intimate and I recommend getting to any performance early so you can go right to the front. The photo above is at a Father John Misty concert, and I didn’t even have to zoom.

Mercury Lounge 
Apologies for the lack of a photo, but I was too distracted and enthralled with Andrew Belle haha (check out his music here, or our Twitter exchange that made me feel famous). The Mercury Lounge is a perfectly small concert venue, complete with a disco ball if the occasion calls for it. The same group (The Bowery) runs the Mercury Lounge, the Brooklyn Steel, and Music Hall of Williamsburg, so there is always a good act lined up.

Going Out (Bars and Dancing)

La Caverna 
Feel like your night out needs an upgrade? Check out the Lower East Side’s La Caverna, which as you may guess from the name is a bar that appears to be inside a cave. Descend the staircase around 9PM for some quieter cocktails, and after midnight the party really gets going as a dance floor forms. 

If you like ‘80s music, dance floors, and fratty beers, this is the place for you! The key is not to go to Niagara too early, but once the clock strikes 11PM you’ll be good to go. Also Austen met her boyfriend here, so she recommends it.

Bossa Nova 
If you want to dance in a small, smoky room Bossa Nova is the spot for you. Tucked into Bushwick, this little spot is easy to glaze over at first look. Once inside prepare to dance to electronic beats. Beware of the well drinks, they’re stronger than you’d think.
note: this is Austen, not me haha

Rocka Rolla 
If you like margaritas the size of your head (see photo) and jukeboxes, this is the spot for you. This Williamsburg spot is a rock ‘n’ roll lovers dream with millennial quirks like a drink called The Coffee Thing, (essentially a frappucino spiked with whiskey) neon signs and an outdoor patio.

E’s Bar 
The nighttime version of The Uncommons, this bar is all about the games. They have shelves filled with everything from Life to Cards Against Humanity. Get there before 11PM to make sure you and your crew score a table for a night of fun and (wait for it) games!

Break Bar and Billiards 
This fun second floor bar in Astoria has billiard tables, ping pong, pinball, and board games for you to play! Be prepared for a wait for ping pong if you go on later on a weekend night (but don’t worry, you can always enjoy a rousing game of Candyland while you wait).

The Garrett East 
A true East Village gem, this bar can get crowded but is never so crowded its unbearable. If you’re lucky to get a spot by the couches at the back, this is a great place to chill for a few hours with a beverage in your hand. Walk through a velvet curtain and past a neon pink sign that reads “no bad days” to enter and enjoy!

The Bonnie 
This gastropub in Astoria is truly a hidden gem to Manhattaners. It’s a great place to spend a late afternoon or evening to just sit out on the back porch and have some beer with friends. They often have events and live music, and the atmosphere just screams “outer borough dream come true.”


6 Columbus 
Located right next to Columbus Circle, this hotel is in the perfect location to spend time in Central Park and explore uptown. While the rooms are small, the modern and dark decor will more than makeup for it.

The Evelyn 
Best. Bed. Ever. The Evelyn is right near Madison Square Park and was comfortable and convenient. The staff is responsive and friendly, and I loved the bathroom tiles that had the music and lyrics from famous songs about New York.

1 Hotels Central Park/Brooklyn Bridge 
This hotel has two locations so you can pick your vibe: a posh Midtown experience, or a Brooklyn hideaway. 1 Hotels is sustainable and has gorgeous interiors that would make any Pinterest lover happy.

Hotel Tonight App 
If you’re willing to be spontaneous and not too picky about location, I highly recommend using the app Hotel Tonight to book a room. They have the best hotels at reasonable prices (that’s how I found 6 Columbus and The Evelyn), and now allow you to book up to 100 days in advance. You can use the code AFREITAS23 to get $25 off your first stay!

Head over to Austen's blog for our recommendations for day time activities!


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