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October 4, 2017

College Fashion Night With Spindrift

This post is outside my usual topics because I just had an unusual experience (at least for me). I was invited to College Fashion Week by one of the sponsors, Spindrift sparkling water, and found myself surrounded by fashionable girls and trendy brands on the West side of Manhattan.
Check out my experience at college fashion week with Spindrift! #sponsored #realfruittastesbetter #collegefashionweek
Luckily, Austen was able to join me (you'll remember my friend Austen from way back in the day with this story, and can check out our collaborations here and here, as well as our adventure auditioning for the Bachelor. Spoiler: we didn't make it on to the show) and she was the perfect companion. From teaching me how to use Instagram stories (yes, that is something I am still learning), to helping me snag a front row seat (note: there were only two rows), to upping our cool factor by having girls recognize her from her blog, I was so grateful she was there.   

After a catchup dinner beforehand, we walked over to the venue and got to skip the line because we're VIPs, don't ya know. With my press badge and our gift bags in hand, we entered the space that included sponsor stations, bright lights, and some of the best dj-ing I've heard in a while, compliments of Taela Naomi.

Our first stop was the Spindrift bar that housed their seven flavors of real fruit infused sparkling water. As some of you may know, the only beverage I drink is water (or a milkshake or hot chocolate, but those are desserts) so this was right up my alley. Their station looked like a perfect shot out of their Instagram, which if you're not already following you should check out for recipes and colorful photos! Austen and I spent the rest of the VIP hour collecting goodies from all of the sponsors and sipping on our Spindrift drinks out of the adorable straws. The emcee of the event said it best "It's hard to find a more Instagram-able product than this."

I love the story of Spindrift's name. The founder Bill was a sailor (!) and named the company after the whitewash of breaking waves, to invoke the idea of refreshment and the bright, real flavors that are hallmarks of their products. To give Spindrift a try, you can use their store locator here.

I ended up gathering far more beauty products than I know what to do with and had such a good time running around taking photos. It's amazing how just putting on a "press" badge made me feel like an insider. Oh, also, I learned from Austen that the background above is called a "step and repeat." Not quite an insider yet, but I'm getting there haha

Other highlights of the night included ice cream from Shake Shack (my FAVORITE burger place) and of course, the fashion. I loved that the models were all real college women and that the looks were accessible and I could envision them on a campus.

A big thank you to Spindrift and Her Campus Media for sponsoring this post and inviting me to an awesome night. And a huge shout out to Austen for being my fashion show sensei.


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