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August 23, 2017

Let's Talk About Chronic Illness

People always talk about how if you have your health, you have everything. I've always acknowledged that statement, but never fully realized how the way you physically feel can impact every single aspect of your life. Without going in to too much detail, I'm currently trying to figure out a tricky health situation myself and although thank goodness I have found some relief in recent days, I can't quite describe the fear and sadness and yes, physical pain, that can distract you from your life. When every call from the doctor raises another issue and possibility, it is hard to maintain a sunny disposition and positive outlook.
Click to read now or pin to save for later! In this post, I talk about the best chronic illness content creators to follow, whether or not you suffer yourself. For some real deal perspective and honesty be sure to check out these writers and Instagrammers
I usually schedule my posts pretty far in advance, but I'm writing this one only a few days before publishing because I have been uninspired. It seems as though every topic I come up with is trivial and unimportant as I have been researching and learning more about people who live with chronic pain and incurable illnesses. I've written about perspective before when I was first faced with someone close to me dying and when I was experiencing heartbreak, but now I am viewing the concept through a whole new lens and appreciate the value of perspective far more. 

Today, I'm going to highlight some people who are spreading awareness for chronic pain and illness, who can all teach us a thing or two about gratitude, support, and appreciating what we have, even if you are not dealing with the same situation. 

Ruthie Lindsey

Guys. This girl is such an inspiration. Instead of attempting to explain her story, take a few minutes to watch this powerful video. Then go to her Instagram and take in the positivity and joy and kindness she shares.


Jenni's introduction to her site is: Are you a ChronicBabe? Yes. Oh, wait—too fast? You have some doubts? Let’s see: Are you a chick? Check. Do you have a chronic illness? (You know, something that’s stickin’ with you, like fibromyalgia or depression or HIV?) Check check. Are you ready to kick ass in spite of it? Are you grinning as you read that? Triple check. Yes! I proclaim you a ChronicBabe. What a perfect way to kick off a blog that is positive, upbeat, real, challenging, and empowering. Definitely take a look at her YouTube series #AWAPwednesday (as well as possible wednesday) for inspiration on a variety of topics. It's been a while since she's uploaded, but the archives are worth checking out.

Britt Johnson

Britt aka Hurt Blogger waited years to be properly diagnosed with Behcet’s Disease, a rare form of vascular autoimmune arthritis. What I love about Britt is the way that she embraces physical activity, and faces every associated pain in a truthful and awesome way. Her Instagram is the hub of her story, with some blog posts when more detail is needed. One Instagram post to point to in particular includes this chain of comments all about how we think of "exercise."

Lara Parker 

This is the blog to read when you want to understand and empathize and hear an unfiltered voice. Lara is a damn good writer, who has endometriosis, and her work can be appreciated by anyone. Really, not much more needs to be said. Just go read it.  


This is a site with multiple contributors that share information about chronic illnesses and how to "cope, move, eat, live, and share" in an accessible and helpful way. From dating, to how to afford medical care, to using writing to cope (amen) there is something to help everyone.

One note I want to make is how I didn't come across many male chronic illness writers/Instagrammers. My theory is that women are more inclined to seek community as a way of healing and coping, but I also don't know if perhaps I was biased in my search. If you know of any chronic illness male content creators, let me know!


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