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August 9, 2017

College Packing For The Minimalist

As I walk through stores and browse online, I notice all of the "back to college" merchandise and feel only the slightest twinge as I realize this year I won't be heading back to school. I absolutely loved my college years and certainly miss piling up my things in the corner of my room in preparation for move in day.
Click to read now or pin to save for later! Heading back to college and want to know what you actually need? Here is a minimalist approach to back to college shopping, in partnership with eBay #eBayBackToCollege #ad
One of my most popular posts ever is a minimalist guide for college packing, published back in 2014. Now I am excited to update that post with college essentials and where you can go to find everything you need. eBay is one of the places where you can get what you want, shipped quickly, with no hassle and a huge selection. While eBay has their own great back to college checklist, in this post I am going to take a minimalist approach to highlight the essentials and highly recommend you go back to the minimalist guide to college packing post for the full list!


  • To start with, you need bedding. I used my Kate Spade comforter all four years (with my freshman roommate and I accidentally matching haha), and here is where you can find a whole variety of options.  
  • Another important item is a vacuum. Dorm rooms can get so dirty, so fast that having a powerful vacuum is a must. I used a Dyson I received as a gift, but any vacuum will do. 
  • Noise canceling headphones were a game changer for me and I now consider them a basic item. The dorms are noisy and when you just need to do work or sleep, blocking out noise is pure bliss. I have a pair of Shures, but there are a bunch of options from great brands.   

School Supplies

Let us not forget that we come to school for the purpose of learning and, you know, actually going to class. While I am a fan of taking notes on my laptop, and managing my calendar digitally, and keeping to-do lists on an app, I still believe there are some key school supplies items to bring with you. 

A journal is super important to me (you can take a look at why and how to start journaling here) and having one with you to document your college experience is such an awesome keepsake. I have heard great things about the Moleskine brand and just got myself one to try. 
When I was getting ready for college I thought that I would be skipping across campus with a cute tote bag, without a care in the world. Reality soon hit when I realized that I would need to carry my laptop, charger, folders, pens, textbooks, etc and I discovered that a backpack was the only way to go. I loved my backpack from PBTeen that lasted me through half of high school and all of college. There are also tons of other great brands you can check out here.  
Speaking of how much you have to drag around, my Apple laptop was the most important item I had with me at any point. From logging on to class portals, to writing papers, to accessing e-books, my laptop never left my side. 
Lastly, the most basic item is to have a pen. Please don't be the person in class who is always asking for a pen. Just don't be that guy. I really like Pilot pens (see how happy I am with the one I am using above) because they are inky and they last.

There you have it, my key essentials for the minimalist college student. You truly don't need much stuff to get started and remember that you can always have items shipped to your campus if you discover you really need something (and from eBay over half of items ship free! Be sure to check out all of eBay's college items here). 

What are you most excited to shop for? 


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