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July 12, 2017

Use LinkedIn To Get An Internship/First Job

Welcome back to part two of the LinkedIn series! In part one we went over the basics of creating and optimizing your profile, which you can read here. Today we are going to dive into how you can use the site to get a job or internship. First we'll go over the already built "jobs" tool and then I will also share the arguably more effective method of connecting with companies directly and leveraging your network.
Click to read now or save for later! Looking for an internship or a first job? Here are two key approaches to use LinkedIn to get the opportunity you want

Approach 1: Jobs Search

Now that you have your handy dandy LinkedIn profile all set up, you have access to LinkedIn's job search tool. On the top of your homepage on the right hand side you will see a tab that says "Jobs." Go ahead and click on that.

This allows you to do an initial search by keyword or company or job title and then narrow down by location. To illustrate how to go through this process, let's pretend that you are looking for a marketing internship and you want to be in Manhattan (I may be biased, but that sounds like a great place to work haha).

First, put "marketing" in the search bar and "New York, New York" in the location and search. Then, on the right you will see filters to help you narrow down your search. For example, you should make sure the location is only "New York, New York," for experience level you can change it to "Internship," and you can even specify the industry, such as "Apparel and Fashion."

You can see in this screenshot that I have the filters previously mentioned that will get you closer to your desired opportunity.

Once you find an open position that sounds interesting, you can save it to apply later or if the option is available, you can use the "Easy Apply" feature where your LinkedIn profile will be sent to the company. When you use "Easy Apply" you will have the option to also upload your resume.

There is tons of great information on this page, including who is posting the job, if anyone from your network works there, and a detailed company profile. It's ALWAYS a good idea to directly reach out to the person who posted the opportunity (if you don't have LinkedIn premium, you can always connect with them and send a personalized message) and to talk to anyone in your network that may have a connection to the company.

Another awesome feature is the "People Also Viewed" section on the right sidebar and the "Similar Jobs" section at the bottom of the page. This will allow you to easily expand your search.

All-Star Tip: I mentioned before that you can search for opportunities by keyword. When you look at roles that interest you, note the frequently used words (for our example it would probably be words such as "interpersonal skills," "attention to detail," and "creative") and make sure to include them in your profile. This will make you more relevant in searches and your applications.

Approach 2: Leverage Your Network

The adage of it's not what you know, but who you know, could not be more true for job searches! Companies are receiving thousands of applications for one job, so if someone can personally recommend or refer you, your chances sky rocket. That's why the approach of using your LinkedIn connections to find an opportunity is most effective.

First, make sure that people know you are looking for an internship or job (of course, if you have a job and are looking for a new one you might not want to broadcast it like I am going to suggest haha). You can post an update on LinkedIn that you are looking, making sure to describe your ideal location, role, and industry. Ask others to let you know if they find out about opportunities.

Example Post: Hello everyone! I wanted to let you know that I am looking for a marketing internship in Manhattan for the summer. The apparel and fashion industry is interesting to me, and with my marketing major I have developed skills that will help me excel in such a role. If you know of any opportunities or have advice I'd love to hear from you! 

Second, reach out to existing connections that do what you want to. Simply by talking to them and asking about their role you can be better prepared in your search, and it's a bonus if they also help you look.

Example Message: Hello Dana, I hope all is well with you! I am currently exploring summer internship opportunities in your industry and it would be great to hear some of your insights on working in apparel and retail. Would you be available for a quick phone call or to get coffee so I can learn about your experiences?

Third, connect with people you don't know, but who you'd like to learn from. When I was looking for a full time role I would apply online and then connect with people at the company to ask them about their experience (or sometimes I would go in the reverse order). Some would then offer to follow up on my application! A personal connection always helps. Even if people don't have an opportunity at their company, they could very well reach out to their connections in the industry to give you a helping hand.

Example Message: Hello Frank, my name is Jane and I am a junior at *insert university*. I am interested in the apparel and fashion industry, and when I came across your profile I loved the way you described your early internship roles. This summer I am looking for a marketing internship and am in the process of discovering all about what that would entail. Would you be willing to have a brief 15 minute phone call with me so I can learn more about your experiences?  

This approach is much more unstructured, but from my experience it is more likely to get you to your goal.

LinkedIn is a phenomenal tool that can connect you to people and opportunities SO easily. Take advantage of this free resource!

Have you been successful securing a job or internship through LinkedIn? What methods have you used?

Make sure to check out part one of the series!!!


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