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June 14, 2017

Best YouTube Videos

Confession time. So, a while back (read: 2015) I discussed/bragged about how I don't watch television, except for Downton Abbey (which has sadly ended). Since then, there have been the occasional shows that I have watched, including 13 Reasons Why (why did I ever decide to put myself through that?) and Stranger Things (thanks to Joe). Otherwise I have been fairly consistent with not watching television, unless it's in a social situation.
Check it out now or pin to save for later! YouTube is massive and there is so much content out there. Here are my favorite videos that are helpful, funny, and cool
However, I do this thing that I hate but can't seem to stop. I go on YouTube and will spend an embarrassing amount of time clicking through videos. This wouldn't bother me so much if I actually enjoyed or found the videos valuable, but I end up more frustrated and uninspired than when I started. More than half the time I don't even watch to the end.

Does anyone else have this problem with YouTube? Maybe I just haven't found the right channels or maybe what is discussed on that platform really isn't my cup of tea. If anyone has ANY recommendations (or tips on how to stop wasting time on YouTube) I would really appreciate it.

Anyway, hope is not completely lost because there are some YouTube videos that I do enjoy ;) I'm going to share with you the top videos that have emerged as winners after hours (and hours) of watching YouTube.

This is the video that inspired the post. I was so touched by Mimi's genuine kindness, love, and positivity that I had to share it! 

I've shared Marie's work before and it's worth sharing again. This video has some great tips (what are YOUR big rocks?) and Marie is always entertaining. 

Vlogbrothers is a classic YouTube channel and this video from Hank stood out to me. We all struggle with the idea of "success" and being satisfied with our lives, chasing an end destination that doesn't exist. Hank has a great perspective on this that is a must watch.

Now for a funny one. I absolutely LOVE this Instagram Husband video. Luckily I can confidently say that I have not turned any of my friends and family into a human selfie stick, but I can imagine what it's like and it's hilarious. 

I'm into every single one of Jodi's videos (she is the only YouTuber I feel this way about) and her mantra of "do everything before you're ready" speaks to my ambitious heart.

Jodi also did a Q&A video where she answers a question I posed! It made me feel wicked special :)

Lastly a shameless plug hahaha I have made "scenes of *insert season here*" since the summer of 2016, making this video a full year. This is the longest one I have ever made and I create it more for my personal enjoyment than others' entertainment, but if you have some time and feel like checking it out, take a look!

Please, please, please give me any recommendations you have for YouTube. Your girl is desperate.


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