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May 11, 2017

Some Changes Around Here

Hey there! How's it going? I can't believe that it's my last full week of college. I'm in the midst of finals and getting ready to graduate and am wondering how I am going to measure my life once I don't have semesters to use as a benchmark (do you use months? quarters? seasons? Further investigation is needed).

If you haven't noticed, my posts have been getting a lot longer and I've been going more in depth on the topics I'm choosing to discuss. Since posting about clickbait, and more importantly the idea behind posts made of more fluff than substance, I've made a concentrated effort to provide increased value with my writing. That's not to say that the shorter work isn't good (and has the benefit of being a lot quicker to read hahaha), but I've found more enjoyment and fulfillment in what I've recently been creating.
Check it out now or pin to save for later! As I'm going through life transitions (hello graduation!) there is an emerging realization that my work has been changing to. Here's how I plan to address it on the blog
Around this time in 2015 (May 1 to be exact), I made the transition from posting three times a week to two. I described how I wanted to focus on quality over quantity and I am proud of what I have done over the past two years. Another point I made was that I would not be more wordy for the sake of it, but rather would add more detail where helpful. This is a standard that I will continue to hold myself to.

Now, I'm making another schedule transition to posting one time instead of two times per week. You can be on the lookout for a new post every Wednesday morning!

Also, I've made a small navigation adjustment. The topics at the top of the page are more in line with the content I'm producing and you can hover over "Career," "Lifestyle," and "Musings" for some subtopics as well. This will allow you to browse the archives easier and provides a clear direction for where this lovely blog is going.

You'll continue to see a mix of lighthearted (in fact, I am working on a satire piece right now that I am excited to share!) and more serious posts, but all of them will be packed with thoughtfulness and details. After all, "the goal of this blog is to provide you with ideas and resources to enhance your lifestyle and relationship with others" so it only makes sense that we have some fun and serious conversations in equal parts.

Thank you to everyone who continues to stop by and read. I'll see you next Wednesday!


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