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May 16, 2017

Graduation Etiquette

Ok, I know that on Thursday I told you I would henceforth only be posting on Wednesdays and today is clearly a Tuesday. However, I did a guest post for Lucy-Claire's blog, Sunny Days and Lovely Ways (you can check out an interview I did with Lucy-Claire back in 2015 here), all about graduation etiquette. Since I'm graduating in two days (!!!) I decided not to wait to share this.

Here is a preview of the post and you can visit Lucy-Claire's blog to read the rest here:
Click to check it out now or pin to save for later! Today we're talking all about graduation etiquette. Whether you are graduating or attending someone else's celebration, here's what you need to know
Congratulations on your (or one of your friend’s, sister’s, brother’s, boyfriend’s, girlfriend’s, cousin’s) graduation! Can you believe it’s finally here? Graduation season comes with relevant etiquette to ensure your celebrations are fun, welcoming, and enjoyable for all. Today we’re going to discuss some common graduation situations and how to properly handle it all.

I was invited to two parties at the same time…how do I navigate this? 

How very popular you are! While it is great to have so many friends you can sometimes end up having to decide where to spend your time. There are a couple of options here:
  • You can choose to go to one party based on any criteria you like (what’s closer, more convenient, who are you better friends with) 
  • You can start at one party and then make your way to the other, being gracious to both hosts and letting them know that you promised to make a stop elsewhere 
  • You can freak out and not go to either party 
  • OR (my favorite option) you can go to one party and treat the other host to a special meal or fun activity to celebrate another time What’s most important is that you are honest and transparent so feelings do not get hurt.

To read the rest of the graduation etiquette I discussed, go on over to Sunny Days and Lovely Ways!


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