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March 7, 2017

4 Must Read Blogs

If you use Google Chrome as your internet browser you may be familiar with the most visited sites that appear on your screen. Mine include my school homepage (productive), Google (duh), Google Drive (essential), Amazon (well, you know...), and Bloglovin'. I adore blogs, and blogging, and bloggers, and the entire online community dedicated to sharing information and inspiration. Today I wanted to tell you about my must read blogs. Even though my blogroll is very short (check out this post about how to clean yours out) I have a few favorites that you're going to want to take a look at.
Click to read now or pin to save for later! There are so many fantastic blogs out there, but here at 4 of my favorites that you should give a shot

The College Prepster

Carly's blog is where I first learned what in the world a blog was so many years ago. I must have been searching for something like "preppy outfits," back when I thought that being preppy was the ultimate look, and have been a loyal, daily reader ever since. She covers a range of topics and the word "college" in the title shouldn't deceive you, this blog is great for every age.

Hope Engaged

Katie is one of the most lovely bloggers I have ever interacted with. She and her husband are always traveling to new places and she documents it beautifully with her photography. Not to mention that she does good and spreads joy on every trip and on a daily basis. She is pregnant with her first child (due so soon!) so her posting has been a bit slower, but her archives can keep you entertained for hours. 

The Golden Girl Blog

Jess is such a trip! Her posts are chatty, upbeat, and a pleasure to read each day. Plus she has great outfits and beauty tips on the regular. You can also take a look at the blog she runs with another Chicago blogger all about how to maximize your blog, called Blogging For Keeps.

Keep Calm and Chiffon

Austen is cool. Austen is hip. Austen has style and is killing it working in editorial at the NYC based magazine NYLON. I met this girl when we were just kids and blogging has brought us together again (take a look at the story here). Her blog is filled with fashion and New York life, with beauty and travel making appearances as well. If you want quality writing and striking street style, check out her site. Also keep an eye out for a collaboration with yours truly coming soon... 

These are four of the blogs that I am currently (and let's be honest, eternally) loving. To see all of the blogs I follow you can go to my Bloglovin' profile

Do you have any blog recommendations? I'd love to hear what you read.


Count of how many times I used the word "blog" or a variant in this post: 19...a bit obscene but I love this topic so much!

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