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March 2, 2017

3 Ways To Save When Shopping

I've got this thing about saving money. Or if I am going to go all out and spend, you better bet it'll be one heck of an experience. But what happens when you have to make a purchase and want to minimize its impact on your bank account? Here are 3 ways to save money the next time you face the inevitable need.
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01. Discount gift cards

Once you find a pair of jeans that you like and that look good on you, it is pretty much a given that you will go back to them again and again. For me the pair I fell in love with are from Madewell and are on the pricey side. After looking to see if I could find them from the discount site The Outnet (alas, they were not there), I bought discount gift cards.

If you're not familiar with discount gift cards, get ready to have your mind blown. You know when you get a gift card for Christmas to a store you'll never go to? Instead of regifting it, you can sell it at a slight discount to a site like Gift Card Granny. Then, the site will sell your gift card to someone else for less than its face value. For example, you can get a $50 Madewell gift card for $47.75, a 4% discount. That doesn't seem like much (and for other stores it's far more), but when you combine it with sale items like I was able to do the dollars start to add up.

I was able to get a $128 pair of jeans for $65 by using discounted gift cards and a current sale. How can you go wrong!?!? Discounted gift cards are especially great for the movies too.  

02. Always search for coupons

One of the benefits of not shopping on a whim is that you can think ahead and plan out what you need to get in advance. This makes it possible to search for coupons before going shopping and they can have crazy benefits! I recommend doing a simple Google search for "(insert name of store here) coupons" and saving whatever you come up with. Signing up for a store's email list is also a great way to get discounts. 

P.S. If you get overwhelmed with the amount of store emails coming your way (or if they tempt you to keep spending) make sure to check out Unroll Me.  

Another great way to get coupons automatically is to install Honey for your browser. This service recognizes when you are shopping and checking out and will scan the internet for any available coupons and discounts...and tell you about them right in your browser. It will also let you know on Amazon if there are other sellers offering the item you are looking at for less. 

Lastly, make sure to ask if there are student discounts! You'd be surprised how many places have special deals for students. 

03. Buy second hand

I LOVE consignment shopping. I especially love consignment shopping in wealthy areas. If you are in the area, you must check out Greene Street (locations in Jersey and PA). I cannot express enough how much I love consignment shopping and highly encourage you to check out this extensive post on the topic.  

Those are 3 of the main ways I save money, especially when shopping for clothes. Take a look at these other money saving posts like how to save money in college, 8 easy ways to save money, 7 ways to have fun in college on a budget, I didn't buy clothing for a year, and minimalism: do you need to buy it?  

How do you save money when shopping? Any other tips are always appreciated! 


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