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January 26, 2017

Best Purchase of 2016

Back in the day there was a blogging site I loved called the B Bar (sometimes referred to as the Well) by Victoria and Meg. They had great resources and an awesome community of bloggers, but unfortunately the site has since been discontinued as they pursue their own projects. One of my favorite aspects of the site was the monthly linkups they would host (you can check out all of mine here). The topics were always interesting and I loved getting to know other bloggers through it. I was so excited when Erica reached out start up the linkup once again. Today we're going to be sharing our best purchase of 2016 and I encourage you to take a look at what all of the other bloggers had to say :)
Click to read now or pin to save for later! When reflecting on how you spent your money over the course of the year, what comes to mind? Is it of the new outfit you got or of the experiences you've had? Here was my best purchase of 2016
Back in 2015 I shared that my best purchase of 2014 was a pair of noise canceling headphones (those things seriously changed my life). When reflecting on 2016 I realized that I didn't have any really big purchases, partly due to the fact that for the first half of the year I wasn't doing any clothing shopping. After some thought I've decided to share a purchase I made that wasn't physical.

The gift I got my family for Christmas was better than I could have anticipated. I bought us tickets to go to Amazing Escape Room! While this chain is located in California, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania, there are similar establishments across the country. You and your group are put in a themed room and have an hour to escape. There are tons of puzzles and locks to get through and it is so. much. fun. We absolutely loved it and this gift kept in line with my minimalist gift guide. Spending on experiences is always worth it.

If you get the chance to go I would reccommend the Forest room at the Montclair location and the Time Travel room at the Princeton location. My family and I successfully completed the Forest room (my mother was the MVP) and Joe and I got close to getting through the Time Travel room. Having more people is definitely helpful because there are so many puzzles and having more hands allows you to work on many simultaneously.
What was your favorite purchase of 2016? Was it physical or an experience? Make sure to check out what the other bloggers in the linkup had to say!


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