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December 13, 2016

Winter Break On A Budget

When it comes to winter break most of us view it as a time to catch up on sleep, watch endless hours of Netflix, and eat leftover holiday food for as long as possible. Today I thought I would share with you some ideas for how to have tons of fun during your winter break, while staying on a budget (shout out to my friend Kristie for this idea!).
Click to read now or pin to save for later! Here are some ideas for how to have a great winter break, while staying mindful of your budget

01. Take a day trip

Taking a day trip to a nearby city or town is a great way to break up your routine and it can be done on the cheap. When you go to a city some good activities are checking out a museum, trying a new type of food, and spending time wandering around outside. Even if you can't go too far, just checking out a different coffee shop in your town and reading a new book can be a good way to shake things up.

02. Go to historic events

Ok, maybe this just appeals to me, but going to historic homes, reenactments, and performances are the best (and most of the time, free!). By going to your city or town's historical society website you can find out about their upcoming events. If you are in the Trenton area you can check out Patriot's Week that is chockfull of battles and balls. 

03. Bake. Bake all of the things

This is advice that I don't take myself (unless I am with my best friend Ally, in which case I watch her bake and help by eating her creations), but baking is inexpensive and fun! Here are some recipe ideas I've collected and would really like to try out soon.

04. Learn a new skill

With all of the available resources online to learn about anything under the sun it is incredibly easy to pick up a new skill. From learning yoga, to picking up new blogging tips (or even starting a blog of your own), to trying your hand at calligraphy, the possibilities are endless. Make sure to take advantage of this free time and to improve yourself as you go.

What sort of things do you do over break while on a budget? I'd love to get more ideas and suggestions :)


P.S. It always goes without saying that reading is an option...let's be friends on Goodreads where I share what books I'm loving. 

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