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November 22, 2016

Minimalist Gift Guide

"I saw something recently that I thought you might like, but I didn't get it because I figured within a year it would end up at a garage sale." This was a recent conversation I had with my good friend Calea as we were discussing the upcoming holiday season. And she was 100% right. Although I love and appreciate my friends' generosity, I really don't like having a lot of things and wouldn't hesitate to find a gift I received a new home.
Click to read now or pin to save for later! Do you have a minimalist in your life and are unsure what to give them? Check out this guide for some great ideas!
Around this time we start to see a barrage of advertisements and suggestions that we need to get the perfect gift for everyone in our lives, and that these material things will communicate the way we feel and be true indicators of the depth of our relationships. While it is true that a well thought out gift can say volumes about how well you know the other person, it is also true that physical things do not need to be the sole way you communicate this.

In fact, when it comes to people who take a more minimalist mindset, gift giving can be quite a challenge. Here are four ideas for gifts for the minimalist in your life that will absolutely NOT end up at the next yard sale.
Click to read now or pin to save for later! Do you have a minimalist in your life and are unsure what to give them? Check out this guide for some great ideas!

01. Perishable Items   

There is nothing better for a minimalist than something they can enjoy, use up, and then get rid of without any feelings of guilt. A lovely smelling candle, sweet perfume, delectable treats, and the like will all make any minimalist smile from ear to ear.

02. Subscriptions

Subscriptions are a great gift regardless of if the recipient is a minimalist or not because it's a gift that keeps on giving. One of my favorite gifts was a year-long subscription to Darling Magazine (check out the amazing Darling event I went to here) from my best friend Ally last year because I got excited with each new issue, enjoyed reading it, and then could pass it on so as not to create clutter (although I freely admit I love those magazines so much that I kept every issue). Getting someone an Amazon Prime subscription (read all about why this is the BEST subscription ever here) or even making monthly donations to their favorite charity in their name is a great way to go.

03. Experiences

My all time favorite gifts are experiences. I believe so strongly in spending on experiences and not things (one of the main reasons I decided not to buy clothing for a I could put my dollars towards having fun and creating lasting memories), so getting the gift of an experience with someone I love is the best! Some ideas are to go to a show, try out skydiving, or go rock climbing, go on a boat for the day, see a concert, take a cooking class...the list goes on and on. It is so easy to personalize it to whatever the recipient would most like.

You don't have to have the experience on the day you want to give the gift, but rather, you can give them the physical tickets or a card letting them know what it is. Better yet, make it a surprise and give them a save the date card for a secret adventure.

04. Necessities

Getting a gift that you truly and actually need is an awesome way to give something physical that won't be a burden. If you've noticed your friend's phone case is looking a little beat up, or they've mentioned that their wallet is too small/large and isn't doing the job anymore, take that as a cue to give them something you know they will use. This requires you to pay attention to their needs and is a great way to ensure they will get real value everyday out of your gift.

So, there they are, my four top gift ideas for the minimalist in your life! Also check out my hostess gift guide if you are going to a party or on a visit!

What sort of gifts do you like to give and receive?


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