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November 1, 2016

Life Lately

It's been awhile since I've done a life update post! I did share a video of my summer, which you can check out here, and there is a video in the works for the fall semester, but I thought I would share a few things that have been happening since getting back to school.
Life lately has been very good! With the first day of school, amazing sunsets, and yoga, who could ask for anything more?
First off, classes began. I LOVE school and can't believe that this is my last year. While I know I will never stop learning, being in an academic setting is something I will miss terribly (as well as being so close to all of my friends). Another thing I will miss? The incredible views on my campus. The sunsets I have been able to enjoy this semester are unrivaled.

As I've mentioned before, yoga is an exercise that I have a lot of fun with and is challenging (check out these free resources I've rounded up). I went to a beautiful garden for a yoga class, plus went to the beach with my CA friends (community advisors, like RAs at other schools) where I got to do even more yoga. It's an important way for me to keep my mind and body healthy, and I can't recommend it enough!

Work hard, play hard, that's my motto!
Being a senior means that all of my friends are now 21(!) and we can go out together. Dancing is a favorite activity of mine (especially with my bestie Nina) and getting to spend the night doing so with my friends is a joy! I do have the whole "work hard, play hard" mentality, which means that while I am having a good time going out I am also attending to business. My business fraternity, PSE, hosted a sales competition and it was great to help the event run smoothly. It was tough to be a coach instead of competitor (it's just in my nature!), but no matter what I am happy when sales is involved.

This year I am working as a CA in sophomore housing, which means that my room is so. much. nicer. I have air conditioning, and wifi, and my own bathroom (all things that I haven't had for the past three years), making me feel like a princess everyday. I also felt like a (n American) princess when I got to meet a John Adams impersonator. I was seriously so excited because John Adams is and always will be the love of my life.

Time spent at the MET, in a corn maze, and with my brother!
Even though John is the love of my life,  a close second is Ben Franklin. I got to see this painting in the MET and it was spectacular. The guy who took me to go see it is pretty cool too ;)

Once the fall weather FINALLY arrived I went with my PSE friends to a fall festival (aka just an excuse to have an autumn themed photo shoot). The festivities continued when I went down to Virginia for my uncle's wedding. It's absolutely wild how much my brother has grown up and I can hardly believe he is taller than me!

So, that's life lately. New and fun things are continually happening and I can't wait for the rest of the semester!

How has your fall been? What's been a fun event that you've attended?


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