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November 29, 2016

6 "Solo Date" Ideas

I was recently having a conversation with a friend (so many of my posts seem to be born out of conversations with friends) and we were discussing the idea of going out alone. For some reason there is a stigma attached to going out in public alone. Whether it is to the movie theater, out for a meal, or anywhere else, it seems like no one wants to be seen when they are not in the company of others.

Last year I wrote a post about 3 ways to do your own thing, and today I wanted to share some ideas of "dates" you can take yourself on so you can start to be ok with being alone. After all, as I've written about before, there is only one relationship you will be in forever and that is with yourself.
Click to read now or pin to save for later! Sometimes you just want to spend time alone or want to have a new experience, so why not go on a solo date? Here are 6 ideas for solo dates where you can have fun on your own and become more comfortable in your own company

01. Book shopping

This is a solo date that is low pressure and can help you get your feet wet with going out alone. Try taking yourself out to a book store and wandering around until you find a book that interests you, then head over to a coffee shop and enjoy reading and sipping your drink, on your own.

02. Go to a class

Another way to ease yourself in to doing your own thing is to go to a class where it is expected that most people will be alone. Check out that yoga class you always thought was interesting or take the cooking course you know will help you improve in the kitchen. By going to a place where you'll be surrounded with likeminded people you can feel more comfortable and ready to start a conversation, while also enjoying being there on your own.

03. Take in a museum

There is something liberating about having an experience where you can form your opinions completely by yourself. Instead of discussing every piece of artwork and sculpture with someone else you can notice your first impressions and can follow your interests and pacing without worrying about others.

04. Have a meal

This one can be really intimidating, but I've honestly come to love eating by myself. It can be relaxing and rejuvenating to spend some quiet time alone and people watch in a restaurant. If you feel really uncomfortable having a full meal alone, try eating at a restaurant with a counter, get a quick appetizer before meeting up with friends, or go on a picnic. 

05. Check out a movie or performance

I LOVE to go to the movies by myself (especially to see Bollywood films) and consider it a pretty easy place to be alone. The next time a movie comes out that your friends don't want to see, take yourself out for it! When it comes to seeing a performance this can be a bit tougher because you have the time leading up to the show when you won't have someone to talk to. But think about the fact that everyone is there for the same reason: to see the show! This makes it simple to find a topic of conversation with anyone.

06. Go to an event

This is masterclass level because it requires you to be alone for an extended period of time where others may be surprised to find you are on your own. One of my favorite days of my life was when I took myself on a solo date to the most incredible event. Although most people were surprised to find that I was there alone, it certainly did not detract from my experience and instead opened me up to meeting new people and making new friends.

These are just some ideas for ways to enjoy your own company and to get more comfortable with being alone. It is so important to have this skill because relying on others for fun will not always get you through. I love being with my friends just as much as the next person, but I also strongly believe that the most fun comes from loving your own company.

How do you treat yourself and spend time alone?


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