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September 1, 2016

7 Ways To Have Fun In College On A Budget

Anyone who knows me knows I am not a fan of spending money. At. All. There are a couple of reasons that contribute to this mentality: for one thing, I am a poor college student with loans who doesn't have a lot of extra cash to throw around. Also, I was raised to appreciate the value of only spending money on things you need and using what you have until it is really ready to go (example: I have been using the same backpack for 6 years and have had to sew it countless times, but I am determined to make it last!).
7 Ways To Have Fun In College On A Budget
This isn't being cheap, but rather is ensuring that your hard earned money is used for what actually brings joy to your life (#minimalism). I live with the mindset that it is better to spend on experiences and not things, but how do you do that and still have fun while in college? Here are some ways to have a great time, while still respecting your budget (also check out How To Save Money In College for general tips).

01. Go on a picnic

Ok, so going on picnics is one of my FAVORITE things to do! I have a darling picnic basket that I make every excuse to bring out and it is such fun to eat outside with your friends or on a date. If you go to the dining hall and grab a sandwich and some fruit, locate a scenic spot on campus, and enjoy your meal outdoors, you can have a great time without spending a dime.

02. Check out local parks and take a hike

My friends and I have been very into hiking because it allows us time to catch up, while also being active and completely F.R.E.E. You can research local trails and parks, lace up your sneakers, and spend the morning or afternoon in nature.

03. Have a photo shoot

Maybe this comes to mind because my best friend is a photographer, but even if you don't have a pro in your group it can still be fun to have a photo shoot. Find a place you haven't visited before (some favorites for me are historic sites and little towns) and go with a friend to take pictures. You can discover new places and explore with the intention of capturing its beauty rather than having to spend any money.

04. Bake or cook something

Step 1. Go on Pinterest and find a tasty looking recipe.
Step 2. Go with your friends to the market and split the cost of ingredients.
Step 3. Find a kitchen (your own or a communal one in the dorms) and make a meal.
Step 4. Enjoy the fruits of your labor! 
This sort of activity is inexpensive and so fun because you get to be silly with your friends as you cook and (hopefully) end up with something tasty. Pro tip: turn on some French music while cooking to really get in the mood. Check out my food board on Pinterest for some ideas (and get some inspiration from the time my friends and I tried this for ourselves)! 

05. Take advantage of free events and classes 

There are so many things that go on at a college campus that you can take advantage of! From free events put on by the college union board, to discounted or free fitness classes, it is worth it to do a bit of research and follow these organizations on social media so you can be informed of what is going on. 

06. Take a group day trip

When you and your friends have a day off, there is nothing better than choosing a place to visit and going all together. Just last weekend my friends and I went to spend a day at the beach. After eating breakfast in the dinning hall (already paid for), we drove to the beach (with the cost split five ways in the car: $1.50 for gas and tolls each), parked ($1 each), had a lovely picnic lunch (I brought a sandwich from the dining hall), and had a great time! Total cost? $2.50. When you do things in groups it makes life more fun and less expensive!

07. Go ___ picking (for whatever is in season)

I am a huge apple fan and going to an orchard is a great experience where you can totally determine how much you want to spend. Just want one apple? Doesn't change the fun in the least. Plus, when you visit a farm and pick fruit you can use it to make a delicious recipe like we talked about in number four. 

These are just a few ideas of how to have fun in college while on a budget. You don't have to spend tons of money to have an absolutely awesome experience, and respecting your budget can actually end up forcing you to be more creative.

How do you have fun ad stick to your budget?


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