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September 22, 2016

3 Ways To Deal With Change

I was having a conversation with my mother recently about change. With each successive year of college I have felt my friendships shifting and evolving and changing. And I'm not a big fan. Sometimes it instantly feels like it's for the better and other times it can be upsetting and disappointing (especially if it's because you aren't as close with someone as you once were). But here's the thing: we are not in control of everything and change is an inevitability of life (just like rain and taxes...but we're not going to get political in this post).
3 Ways To Deal With Change
Something my mother said that warrants repeating was:
"Do you really think anything is ever going to stay the same? I mean, think about science. At one point we thought that there were nine planets, and now we're down to eight. Pluto is out? Who would have ever thought that Pluto would get kicked out. But you see, even science changes."  
And you know what? She's 100% right, as mothers so often are. That's why today we're going to discuss 3 ways to deal with change.

01. Put it in perspective

If you haven't noticed, perspective is something that is talked about a lot around here (check out exhibit A, exhibit B, and exhibit C). One of the first things to do, no matter what the situation, is to take a deep breath and think about it's actual magnitude and relevance. If you're in a situation like our poor friend Pluto, then it may be time to get upset about change. But, if it's an inevitable circumstance, like finding yourself in more challenging classes (look at this post about what to do when you need academic help) or not living with the same roommates as you did before (here's a guide on how to approach them for the first time), then you are better off acknowledging it and not letting it be a source of pain or to upset you. 

02. Put a positive spin on it

You may have been thinking, "Ok, Alyssa, you say not to let it be a source of pain or upset me, but how do I actually DO that?" To this I say, "You have a valid point." It's not as simple as flicking a switch on your emotions, but rather takes a mindset shift (which you actually do have much more control over). I wrote an entire post on how to turn a negative into a positive that will allow you to deal with any change you may be facing. Take a look here.

03. Take heart in the fact that it happens all the time, everywhere, to everyone

It can be tempting to view yourself as a special circumstance and not vulnerable to the not-so-fun parts of life. Thanks to my mother, I realized that even science is not above shifts and changes, so I can take heart in the fact that just as things change for me, so they do for everything else. And as cliche as it may be to say, sometimes a change in one area leads to something even better. 

If you put your situation into perspective, shift your mindset, and acknowledge that you are not alone, you will be able to handle anything that may come your way.

How do you deal with change? Is there a process you go through that works for you?


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