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July 7, 2016

Bathroom Inspiration

This coming school year I am going to be a CA (community advisor, RA at other schools) in sophomore housing, which means that I am going to have my own bathroom! Not only that, but I will also have air conditioning and wifi! I am beyond excited since I have been living in the freshmen dorms without any of those amenities for the last three years.

When it comes to my dorm decor I haven't felt the need to change it since freshmen year, however, I get to outfit a bathroom now. I won't buy a lot (I am a minimalist, after all), just sticking with the essentials, but I haven been gathering some inspiration. While I am confined by the fact that it is still a dorm room (read: no subway tiles or marble in sight), I did want to share my vision in an ideal world.

Bathroom Inspiration

Bathroom Inspiration

What would your ideal bathroom look like?

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