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May 19, 2016

3 Times Physical Is Better Than Digital

I had an internal debate the other day. I was wondering when we should use paper as opposed to going digital. Since I pride myself on my use of technology to improve my everyday life, I am always on the hunt for new apps. After watching a youtube video (about who can even remember what) that mentioned using an app for journaling, I went to the app store, chose an journaling app, and was totally pumped about making the switch from a physical to a digital journal.
3 Times Physical Is Better Than Digital
I have been journaling since I was in the eighth grade and truly believe that it can be an essential part of reflecting and leaving a record of your life. It's a therapeutic process that I won't ever hesitate to recommend. But does it really matter if it's done digitally or physically? I thought perhaps having it in digital form would be a great way to waste less paper, have a secure backup, and make use of added benefits such as easily being able to add photos. Yet upon further thought I realized that there are unique benefits to having a handwritten journal. I'm going to share these benefits not only for journaling, but also for keeping track of assignments and for correspondence.

Paper is good when journaling...

  • You get to leave behind your handwriting, which is unique and wonderful and becoming increasingly rare.
  • There is an intimacy in curling up with your journal, away from the glow of a screen, to share your thoughts.
  • You can be free in your visual expression with drawings and arrows and cross outs and whatever else you feel like creating in the moment.
  • The imperfections (like awful spelling and messy handwriting when you're excited and just trying to get out all of your thoughts) are authentic and lovely. 

Paper is good when tracking assignments...

  • You get the supreme pleasure of physically crossing assignments off your list.
  • Since it's not always with you on your phone, you can more easily detach from work. 
While I do like to keep general to-do lists in my Wunderlist app, for school assignments having detachment can be so important! 

Paper is good when writing thank you notes...

  • It demonstrates time and effort.
  • It's personal and timeless.
  • You can express your style with stationary.
While I won't suggest that every thank you must be mailed (email is more convenient and can be turned to in more casual or timely situations), there is much to be said for sending out a physical note. For etiquette on thank you notes, check out this post.  

Do you have any instances where you prefer physical to digital?


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