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April 26, 2016

The #1 Way To Get Stuff Done

Have you ever found yourself trying to get things done, but losing focus (check out 5 ways to increase your focus)? Or how about knowing that you have a million and two things to do, but not knowing where to start? Although I've posted about productivity in the past (here's a post from 2014 on the topic), I have found myself struggling recently. I've been bouncing from task to task, not really getting anywhere and feeling frustrated at the end of the day when I haven't accomplished much. So what's a normally productive girl to do when this affliction strikes? Here's how I've addressed it and effectively gotten myself back in a productive groove.
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We often complain about how "busy" we are, but I'm sick of being busy. Of feeling like I need to run from one place to the next, with no real intention. Granted there will be jam packed days where a bit of running is required, but when I do have long spans of time to work I want to make the most of it. Finally I've figured out how to do it: setting priorities.

I'd read a lot about how people will identify the top tasks they need to get done, but I have always thought "ALL of my tasks are important. I must do them all immediately or else the world will end" (or, you know, something like that). However, I developed a new nighttime routine that allows me to see not all tasks are created equal.

Each evening I now look at my schedule for the next day as well as my upcoming deadlines and my to-do list. From there I pick out 3-4 tasks which are most important/time sensitive. To prioritize I ask myself:
  • When is this due (it's essential to set your own due dates even if one isn't formally given to you)?
  • Does this getting done affect other parts of a larger project (i.e. completing your slides in a group project so your group members can move on with their parts)?
From there, I look at my schedule and see if it would make sense to do it in the morning or afternoon. I write these tasks down, indicating generally when I want to work on them and giving myself some wiggle room for unanticipated interruptions (you're basically guaranteed to always have one of those).

By setting these 3-4 priorities, I have been consistently meeting my goals and getting far more done than before. I go to bed knowing that I've done what I needed to that day AND having a solid idea of what the next day will bring. My mind is more at ease and I'm getting more accomplished! To make this work for you, use those questions above and get your task completing groove on :)

How do you pursue productivity?


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