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April 28, 2016

All About Taylor Swift

I have been a fan of Taylor Swift since the days of Teardrops On My Guitar and Our Song. I remember my excitement when my best friend Carly would get the newest Taylor Swift cd and she would let me borrow it so I could put it on my iPod (I didn't buy cds because minimalism was a thing for me, even as a preteen haha).
All About Taylor Swift
I've grown up loving Taylor Swift and relating to so many of her songs, as nearly every girl I know has. It is a beautiful thing to sing along to lyrics and be called back to another time in your mind, whether good or not so great. Through heartbreak and fun days, Ms. Swift has been a continual companion of mine. I've stumbled upon some great Taylor Swift videos, quotes, and the like, so today I thought I would do a "Taylor Swift is the absolute best, listen to everything she says" sort of post.

Here is a video of 73 questions from Vogue (they've done so many good ones with tons of actors and artists, you should totally browse them all on youtube).

And here are some quotes that have been inspiring me lately, all from the mouth of Taylor Swift.
And, lastly, here's my all time favorite Taylor Swift song and video (seriously, I relate to this song like no other! Plus, this music video takes me back to my private school days). Enjoy this throwback to the Speak Now album!

Do you love Taylor Swift as well?  I mean, come on, she's just the cutest :)


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