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March 31, 2016

National Sales Competition - Milwaukee, WI

So, sales competitions are sort of my life (you can read about previous competitions here, here, and here). I LOVE competition of any kind, and when you pair that with my passion for sales, I'm all in. Essentially what happens is I am given a scenario and profile of a buyer, along with a product or service to sell, and I conduct a sales call in front of judges. For this national competition in Milwaukee, WI I only had 12 minutes and there were two rounds.

After the first round I did not think I did well at all! Cue crying in the bathroom, convinced that I would not move on to the next round. However, when the finalists were announced in the evening I was among them. The next morning we were given information for the final round and had until early afternoon to prepare. I felt fairly confident with my performance and was able to enjoy the activities of the evening (karaoke bar!) and sightseeing the following day.

I traveled with other students in my business fraternity, Pi Sigma Epsilon (my favorite activity on campus, without a doubt), and we had an absolutely awesome time. I decided to make a video of the trip and I did my best, so please enjoy! I want to try and make more videos so I can get better at it because this one is quite amateurish. If you want to find out how I placed, press play :)

Have you ever completely misjudged your performance?


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