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March 3, 2016

Essential Gmail Extensions

I love mastering my inbox. There is such a satisfying feeling in opening up a clean, organized inbox and being ready to tackle anything that needs to be attended to. Aside from having an organized inbox, there are some tools I use to make my email experience absolutely fantastic! Seriously, you're going to love these Gmail extensions that are real game changers.
Essential Gmail Extensions

Undo Send

How often has this happened to you: you draft an email, click send, then suddenly realize you didn't include the attachment? Or you forgot to mention the time of the meeting? Or forgot to cc that person? Or (insert whatever induces a panic attack here)? Well, there's a way to buy yourself 30 seconds to correct your mistake after hitting send by enabling "Undo Send." It's wicked simple and has saved me more times than I'd like to admit. Here's how to enable it:
  1. Go into your Gmail account and click the gear on the top right
  2. Select settings
  3. Scroll down to "Undo Send" and click "Enable"
  4. You can choose up to 30 seconds (trust me, that's what you'll want to choose)
  5. Click "Save Changes" and you're done!


Boomerang allows you to schedule emails. If you're like me and do everything super far in advance this is perfect. Choosing the ideal time to send an email is an art (sometimes you want it to be the first thing in someone's inbox or you might want to have it arrive right before an important meeting) and you're not always going to be at your computer or on your phone when the moment arrives. Using Boomerang you can have emails send at certain times, get a reminder if you don't receive a response (so you can follow up or take other action), and allow Boomerang to take messages out of your inbox and have them come back at a time you're ready to deal with them (goodbye inbox overwhelm!). Check out Boomerang here.


I saved my absolute favorite for last. Rapportive connects LinkedIn to your Gmail and provides you with essential profile information from your correspondent. You get his/her picture, email, location, job title, if you're connected on LinkedIn, his/her social media and/or website, and common connections. It's a perfect way to put a face to a name (especially after networking nights when it's so difficult to keep people straight in your mind!). Having Repportive is a MUST. Get it here.

As of now, those are my essential extensions. I'm always looking to discover more, so please let me know of any I should check out!


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