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March 22, 2016

Best Free Exercise & Yoga Resources

If you talked to me a year ago about exercise or yoga or the gym, I would have stared at you in utter confusion. However, due to the influence of friends and reading more about how being active doesn't just benefit your body, but your emotional state and mind too, I figured it was time to take health more seriously. With spring upon us it's a great time to reevaluate your exercise regime and incorporate some outdoor activities!
Best Free Exercise & Yoga Resources


As many of us do, when I set out to learn more about health I turned to YouTube. While there is a lot of advice that you definitely shouldn't listen to, I found a channel with a mix of all different exercises and healthy eating advice that I totally love: Joanna Soh. She is a certified Women's Fitness Specialist with NASM and a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach. No matter what you're looking for (targeting certain areas, cardio, strength), Joanna has you covered. My favorite video is this cardio dance inspired routine! It's fun and makes you work up a bit of a sweat :)

I also take fitness classes at my school that are so great! If you're in college I seriously can't recommend going to classes enough. Whether you get a group of friends together or use it as your own decompressing time, it is so valuable to have an instructor with you. I take a Bollywood dance class (highlight of my week), a boot camp class (that kicks my bum), and a yoga class. Believe it or not, I've been to each of those classes when either no other students or only one other shows up; it's basically personal training!

Another of my favorite ways to exercise is running. At my school there's a 2 mile "loop" around campus that everyone uses. By mixing jogging with sprints I get in a great workout and will sometimes use it as a warm up before yoga class. I'm getting more into the gym, especially if the weather isn't good or if I go with a friend. If you're just starting out going to the gym with someone is really helpful so they can show you how to use the equipment (I still need help in that department haha).


Just like I didn't originally buy into the whole natural skincare thing at first, I thought yoga was just for granola eating hippies. Turns out I was wrong and yoga is beneficial for anyone. I find it incredibly helpful for flexibility and I use it as time to clear my mind and focus on just one thing. I tried meditation (and when I say tried, I really tried! I went to a class for an entire month), but it wasn't for me. Yoga helps me center while, still giving my brain something to focus on and my body something to strive for.

Boho Beautiful is my favorite YouTube channel for yoga. I really enjoy the after workout yoga routine and the yoga for weight loss routine below. Juliana is calming and motivating, plus she is always in the most beautiful locations.

I was also made aware of the 3 Week Yoga Retreat program from Beachbody, a site that offers on demand classes. You can do a 30 day free trial and have the opportunity to complete a program designed for beginners. Just make sure to cancel after the 30 days if you decide not to continue with the classes!

Grab your phone, mat, and water and head outside for a yoga workout that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and hopefully a little sore!

What are your favorite free exercise and yoga resources? How do you get yourself outside to workout in the spring?


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